Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to School: Backpacks and THE Lunchbox

It's still really weird to me that school starts in August here. And when I was teaching we went back at the end of July! Isn't that just crazy? Growing up in NJ we went back in the Fall, and September still reminds me of that. The smell of pencils, paper, crayons, the excitement of a new backpack (or Trapper Keeper!)...remember those days? This year both of the boys are in school and I have the oddest "empty nest" sensation. That's a topic for another day though. Today I wanted to talk about something I have gotten a few comments and questions about- fave backpacks for kiddos! Some of them do feel a bit pricey to share, but I've found that when the price matches up to the quality (like with the Herschel bags), they totally last and are worth it. Enjoy, and happy back to school! xo

This is the backpack we just ordered for Henry. His current bag was too small to accommodate his Kindergarten folder, and this one should be perfect!

These mini backpacks are the boys' new faves. Charlie got the forest green and it's the perfect size for little ones.

I want one for myself too, in the Kanken adult size. Have you ever worn these backpacks? While we were traveling in Switzerland everyone seemed to have one.

We really love Herschel bags- this one is great! This one too.

These STATE bags are really awesome as well.

And okay...I have to share the ONLY lunch box you will ever need. It's very pricey you guys, VERY pricey (like to the point of being like "IS THIS GIRL CRAZY?!") but I swear to you that it is worth every cent. Full disclosure, I was introduced to these lunch boxes when I received them for free a couple years ago from Planet Box, but I would pay the full amount any day, especially after using them regularly. They're stainless steel and dishwasher safe, fit the perfect-sized lunch, and are very easy to pack and use. Also, I feel like they inspire me to create more exciting lunches! I cannot recommend them enough. We have the Rover size which I linked above.

And before I go, here are a few more back-to-school items we're currently using and loving:

The boys both got these shoes and they're huge hits! Easy to get on themselves and super cute.

I picked up some of these pants for the boys, with Charlie especially in mind, because he needs easy up and down bottoms for going to the bathroom on his own at school. These fit the bill perfectly and are much cuter than the typical elastic-waisted kid pant. Tip: size down. Charlie is a solid 3T but the 2T fits him well.

This shirt (in yellow) arrived for the boys for Fall (we got them during the Nordstrom sale) and the quality is so great!

And finally, here is the gel we use in the boys' hair. Hank uses this too- he gets it at our local barber's. I never do their hair in the summer (they're always in hats), but during the school year they'll get a little do every morning.

Have a great school year!


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