Monday, August 29, 2016

Cracking the Code with the Code-a-pillar

Did you guys catch my last post about the Code-a-pillar? I talked a lot about how we've really pared down the amount of toys in our home, and have been trying to really focus on the "quality over quantity" thing in all areas, but especially with the kids' toys. We actually got rid of our playroom recently, in favor of storing the boys' toys in their closet. We did this after donating a huge percentage of the toys in our home- I want to say maybe 80% of them- and it was great. I also felt like the playroom was sorely underused and a completely mis-utilized space in our home, and it felt good to start the process of repurposing it. And would you believe the boys play MORE with their toys now? They have a small amount, but I've found that what they've selected as their "musts" in their closets are everyday go-to toys, and everyone is a lot happier. 

The Code-a-pillar was a "must" on both boys' lists, and over the past month or two has become something they play with often. When we first got it, the boys would have fun setting it up, watching it move around the living room, laugh when it would run into something, etc. But now...oh man- these kids have gotten into it. They've both really tapped into the "coding" component of the toy, which as a Mom I love, and create elaborate maps for the cute little guy to follow. If you haven't yet tried a Code-a-pillar, the children can construct long codes for it to follow based on the different pieces. They can plan ahead, mix it up however they'd like, and watch it follow their every direction. Henry is especially into this, and the map I included here is one he did this morning. He'll take all the pieces apart, write out the sequence, they put it back together and watch it go! Sometimes they'll set up obstacles (themselves or items around the house), and it keeps both of the boys busy for long periods of time! Plus, they get super excited every time they "crack the code" and high fives abound!

I'm always happy to partner up with Fisher-Price, but this time I was extra pleased. Our whole family really has a great time with the Code-a-pillar, and I highly recommend it for any little one who loves to laugh and have fun! ;) The critical thinking component is such a bonus, and I know this will be a toy the boys will continue to play with for a long time to come. And before I go, feel free to pop over to Fisher-Price's Facebook page and follow along- they'll be sharing some fun videos over the next couple of months you'll want to check out! Thanks for reading. 


This post shared in partnership with Fisher-Price.

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  1. Be still my Heart ! Your boys are so handsome. Love seeing them grow up.