Friday, August 19, 2016

Light-Up Sneakers and Growing Up With Our Little Ones

This post is brought to you in partnership with Zappos and Stride Rite.

Okay, first of all, I'm not sure if what I'm about to say is an effect of having multiple kids, or just growing up and making some important realizations myself, but it's just such a funny thing to step back and observe. First, I need to set the stage for you. When I was pregnant with Henry my Mom would often want to go shopping for baby clothes. I had SO many opinions on what I wanted my future son to wear- absolutely no character clothing, no cheesy prints, none of that at all. And I held fast to those rules for the most part. And even as he grew I continued to have these ideas of what he should and shouldn't wear. The no character thing continued, but things like light-up shoes were also on the list.

I look back at this now and sheepishly laugh at myself. Why on earth was I so adamant about such unimportant things? And worse, things that would make my kids so happy? Oh, but thank goodness for living and learning right? Now the boys wear what makes them happy...for the most part. But I've relaxed a lot and realized it's all about what makes THEM smile, not what makes me feel like they're dressed to my aesthetic pleasing.

So when we went back to school shopping for the boys, one of the big things on Charlie's list were light up shoes! I remember these from back when I was a kid- I thought they were the coolest. We picked out these pair of Stride Rite Leepz together, and when they arrived a day later (thank you Zappos faster than fast shipping) he was in heaven. They were actually the wrong size, so we had to swap them out, but Zappos sent an immediate replacement that arrived the next day! We just hopped on their live chat and did an easy exchange. Oh, and if your child is more into pink than blue, they have other choices here.

So yes, lessons learned all around...for myself, relax a little bit. Allow my kids to enjoy all the things that make childhood so fun, and let go of the funny ideas I have in my head of what I think looks best. And for Charlie, yes- light up shoes are everything he dreamed of, and so much more. ;) They're cute, comfy, and they look pretty great from both our points of view.

As always thanks to Zappos for the amazing customer service and fast shipping of these rad shoes. We are loyal customers and I always feel extra lucky to be able to work with them in this space (see our most recent collab here)- I sincerely can't recommend them enough.


  1. I've definitely noticed in this blog/Instagram sphere when everything has to be so aesthetically pleasing that sometimes it seems like we're forgetting the most important people - the kids! I have opinions about what my son wears, but life's too short to be so serious about silly things like Spiderman shirts. Glad to see you've loosened up. :)

  2. someone told me once that it doesn't matter that you think your kid looks cool, it matters that your kid thinks he looks cool! such obvious advice. I totally had the same feelings you did about my son's wardrobe, and like you, I now look back and totally eye-roll at myself!