Sunday, September 4, 2016

Switzerland 2016: Hiking From Wengen to Obersteinberg

I've been looking forward to this blog post since we got back from Switzerland! This part of the trip was a MAJOR highlight for me. The hike and destination was truly life-changing (I don't use that phrase lightly), and Obersteinberg was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. Truly. If you're catching up late and want to see all of my Switzerland posts in one place you can see them here. You can find all the info in my first post, but we did a self-guided tour with Alpine Hikers, and today I'm sharing our hike from Wengen to Obersteinberg. On a related note- all of my photos and videos from this trip were taken with this camera and I can't recommend it enough. I'll share a post all about our hiking gear at the end of this series as well.

We started this leg of the trip in Wengen, at the Hotel Bären. It was the cutest village, car-free and so quiet, with the best views. Everywhere you looked it was beautiful, and we spent a few hours on our balcony that night, just enjoying the amazing weather and each other's company. Dinner was included, and it was great- a little different than what we'd eaten the past few nights, and we happily had seconds of everything, and especially loved the potato soup.

We slept easy that night (note the double duvets in the photos below!), and in the morning headed out to the train station and rode up to Lauterbrunnen. From there we hopped on a bus to Stechelberg, where grabbed lunch at the little restaurant before embarking on our way up to Obersteinberg. It's so funny- EVERY sandwich I had in Switzerland was the best sandwich ever, and this one was no different. There's a photo below and I can't even tell you how much I've been wanting this exact one! I've tried to no avail to recreate must just be special because I ate it there! haha.

The hike up to Obersteinberg had been much anticipated. We knew it would be steep...but totally worth it. I tried not to look up too much about each destination as I like to be surprised, but I did know a few things about this special place. One, no electricity or showers, and two, it was literally on the side of the mountain with all of its dairy and many items coming from the farm right there on site. We were so excited!

The excitement carried us through the hike, where we gained 3,230 feet. Part of it were challenging for sure, so when we suddenly saw a Swiss flag waving high in the air and realized we had made it...that was an amazing feeling.

As we walked up Hank and I were both in awe. The sheer beauty of this place was shocking. There are no roads or public transportation up to Obersteinberg so I'm sure you can imagine how quiet and peaceful it is. We sat at a table on the side on the cliff and enjoyed cold beer and water and tried to take it all in. Just amazing. We eventually made it up to our room, which turned out to be at the very top of the inn, which was just perfect. It was the cutest room- wash basins and candles (remember, no electricity!) and the biggiest, fluffiest duvets I've ever seen. I could hardly wait to sink into bed that evening and sleep with the windows wide open. That Swiss air was truly healing.

We ate dinner with the group, all of us so high on life and happy to be in such a breathtaking place. The meal was hearty and delicious. Beef stew and macaroni with butter, breads and cheeses, it was all fantastic. And I'm telling you, all of the food on this trip was made 10x better since it all followed so much physical exertion.

We sleep so soundly up in our little room, and when we woke the next morning we were treated with sunny views in all direction. Still in awe we filled our bellies with homemade bread and preserves, and packed it up to head out to our next destination- Mürren!


  1. I can smell the fresh air through the photos! How doable do you think this trip might have been wearing a baby carrier? We're planning a hiking trip for next summer (though we haven't firmly decided on a location, right now we're between Switzerland and BC) and our little guy will be around 9 months by the time we go. We're still deciding between something like what you did (where you go destination to destination and your stuff is moved for you) or setting up one home base and doing our hikes from there. Interested in your opinions! Thanks :) Ashley

  2. Those views are absolutely STUNNING. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Replies
    1. Hey David! I'm glad it wasn't difficult for you! :) Awesome! It was challenging in my opinion, and it was also the fourth day in a row we hiked a steep incline. I was tired! To each their own though, right?


  4. MAN! These photos are so beautiful! I love how a most of the pics make me say "WOW!!" and a few make me say, "Wut?" Hahaha!
    What incredible life-long memories you're creating for yourselves.

  5. Oh my gosh, Dani, these photos are incredible! We have some amazing mountains around where I live (Alberta), but the idea of hiking from one little remote hut to another is so appealing. I'm loving all of your posts about the trip!

  6. Switzerland is so beautiful. Your trip looks like so much fun. We were lucky enough to spend a few days in Switzerland a few years ago and just loved it. Such a special place x

  7. Oh wow! So beautiful, Dani! I relate so much to what you're saying about the food. I have such clear memories of some of the simple (simply delicious) things I hate when I lived in Europe. Things that I never expected to be wowed by, like a ham sandwich from the school cafeteria in France - that perfect combination of butter, ham, & baguette is something I've never managed to replicate in the 11 years since. I guess I just have to keep going back to France. ;)

  8. This looks so absolutely beautiful. I hope one day to be able to visit. Thanks for giving me another place to pine after :)