Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Kindergarten Transition...Plus Henry's New Workspace

Kindergarten! Can you believe it? Because we live in Arizona, Henry's been in a school for a couple of weeks already and it's going so well. He's really been enjoying all of the "extras" that come along with this new grade- more independence, Pizza lunch on Fridays...and homework! They actually don't do much homework, but today he got his very first assignment and was chomping at the bit to get home and complete it.

This age is so fun- he turns six this Fall and as much as I loved the baby years, this stage is the best. I love the conversations we have, the long talks and hearing his opinions on everything and anything. And kindergarten is already proving to be such a neat thing in his life- he comes up everyday buzzing with so much new info and excited to tell us allllll about it. This past week he couldn't stop talking about mummies and pyramids, and today he was so excited to tell us all about what he had learned in French class.

My wish for him is that he always remains this friendly, inquisitive, and kind. It's kind of hard to let our little ones out into the world- are they ready? Did we prepare them enough? I came across this post on Facebook (from IG) and I loved it. I discussed something similar with Henry as he began school, and as he gets older I hope to continue to have this conversation. Inspiring right?

So yes, kindergarten is going so well, although it still hits me from time to time that we're actually here! Because one of the things Henry was most excited about was homework, he also requested a special workspace just for him. Right now it will probably entertain more LEGOs than homework, but this is a space that will totally grow with him.

We worked with Land of Nod and Wayfair on this project, and I think it turned out great. And most importantly, Henry LOVES it. Simple, uncluttered, but still bright and inspiring.

Below are all the sources and info, if you'd like to check out the items for yourself! And right now both Wayfair and Land of Nod are having amazing Back to School promotions- tons of huge deals at Wayfair, and Land of Nod is offering 15% off desks and school items. Also, all items below are c/o with the exception of the backpack and books.

Desk: We did the Adjustable Hi-Fi Play Table so we could use it as a table or desk. It's BIG and really really great for so many purposes. We added the extender legs on to make it higher but you can also leave it at table height.

Yellow Shell Side Chair: This chair is in Henry's favorite color. Well made and sturdy, we love it.

Blue pouf: Henry uses this to sit on, but also rest his feet since he's still a little short for his legs to touch the ground.

White filing cabinet: We actually use this to house all of Henry and Charlie's art supplies. It's the perfect size for everything, and easy on the eyes too.

Gallery Art Rail: Aren't these great? These are so easy to use, simply lift up the rail and it holds art in place without bending or ruining it. I love how simple it makes switching out school and artwork whenever we please.

Desk mat: This is the perfect non-slip protector that Henry says is great for LEGO-building! They have a bigger size available too.

Globe light: Both of the boys love this light! It's the perfect size and it's fun to display whether it's lit up or not. It also make a great night light as it's not too bright.

Pizza pendant: Pizza. On a pendant. Enough said!

Shark poster: Henry loves all things sharks so this was a big YES for him as soon as he saw it. I love this artist, and that the artwork is great for younger and older kids alike.

Lime pencil holder: A fun, functional pop of color!

Grass Organizer: Isn't this fun? It reminds me of the grass drying rack we use dishes, except pencil sized! The perfect, fun, desktop organizer.

White Locker Bin: These are great for all types of storage. We have a couple, and they also fit in the cube storage in the boys' closets.

Backpack: See a similar one here, and check out more backpack options here.

Books: Gaston and Leonardo the Terrible Monster. Two of our MOST favorite books ever. Must-reads for you and your kiddos!


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  1. love this space...wish i could do one for my knitting passion..