Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Things

It's here! Almost! One week away. Every single year I get the same feeling when Fall starts appearing- I'm almost overwhelmed with inspiration and lots of excited feelings. I hope that never ever goes away. I also always get very excited for Fall clothing, and tend to fill up online shopping baskets...even if I don't pull the trigger. Home stuff too. So here are some of my current favorite Fall things, in a ton of different categories.

This dress is insane. I just wish it were a little (a lot) cheaper. It's just beautiful!

So I've been into the cold shoulder thing for awhile but I'm not sure if I'll look back and be like- what was I thinking? Regardless, this dress is cute.

My favorite (affordable!) coat brand is at it again with so many cute coats and jackets! Which would you pick?

Anthropologie is killing it with the sweaters right here. Here are three I love: one, two, and three.

For the kitchen: this and this.

And how about this rug?!

I recently got this in Cinn-Ful and it's great. Next I want to try Pink Grapefruit.

Piper Wai stopped working as well as it once did, so I moved onto this via Sarah's recommendation and I'm liking it so far.

I recently found a new (to me) brand of sunglasses and I want them all.

Velvet everything, please!

My next pair of sneakers.

Everyone needs one of these for cooler weather. I'm kicking myself for not getting the oxblood color last year.

Tops I love: one, two, and three.

My holy grail of tinted moisturizer/foundation. It's amazing.

We just finished up our office renovation and now comes the fun part- putting everything together! I'll of course share more later but here's the desk we got (on sale!). I love it.

These are at the top of my wishlist.

And finally, the VERY best scarves. Do yourself a favor and snag one!



  1. Great list!


  2. That brass-inlaid cheeseboard? It's gorgeous. I feel like I'm going to buy it, saying it's for a party that I'm throwing next month but knowing that it's just for me just because I'm not sure I can live without it.

  3. I love Fall too... I love looking through Tumblr at all the Fall pictures, it makes me so happy and excited!! I really wish I could pull of overalls because they're so cool. And Anthropologie always has the best things! I understand why you put so many links to their stuff ;)

  4. Love everything on this list....we'll except for the $800 Kint sweater from anthro.... lol. Kind of off topic....but we are in the market for a GoPro....and I've seen all your previous photos from which you have taken with your GoPro....would you mind sharing which model you have? Thank you so much!