Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Family Hiking & Snacking

This post is shared in partnership with CLIF Kid, which is a natural fit for Sometimes Sweet, as they focus on getting kids and families outside, and providing nutritious sustenance to do so! :) Super excited about this partnership- read on for more!

It's hands down the one of the most beautiful times of the year in Northern Arizona, and we always try to take full advantage of our beautiful Fall colors while we have them! This past weekend we headed up the mountain a bit to do some hiking (I'll share more from this trip next week), and it turned out to be the most perfect day for a family adventure. Over the years hiking has become our go-to weekend activity. I love that we're all able to do something active together, and it's fun to think back to all the stages we've been through. Henry in a carrier to him walking, to Charlie being in the carrier to now finally all of us on our feet. Soon enough we'll have our third addition hitching a ride with us on Mommy or Daddy's back, but in the meantime it's so much fun to go the four of us, and actually make some ground now that the boys can hold their own.

One of the most favorite parts about being outdoors with my family are the conversations we have. We'll be walking along for an hour, talking about the most seemingly silly, unimportant things...but I am always reminded that no, these are the important things. We're growing something so special here, and it's pretty amazing to think that even though so many days I feel like I'm doing it all wrong (welcome to parenthood!), in these moments, I know we're right on track. It feels good. We always leave a family hike feeling a little more happy, a little more refreshed, and the more we focus on outdoor time together, the more we want to be outdoors together. I hope this trend continues as the kids continue to grow.

When CLIF Kid wanted to partner up for this hiking feature, I read Hank the email and we laughed because we ALWAYS bring Zbars with us on hikes. Even though they're kids' bars I always bring extra for Hank and myself because they seriously taste like a cookie and they're good for you too! Organic, whole grain, you name it. This time around we also brought along CLIF Kid's Zfruit + Veggie ropes and the boys LOVED them. I enjoy that they're small portions, no mess, and they're just an easy snack that we continue to reach for again and again, especially when adventuring.

If you haven't yet tried Clif Kid products for your little ones, I encourage you to pack a backpack with a couple Zbars and hit the trail! I'll join you in spirit, as long as you save a bar for me. ;)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CLIF Kid. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Aww, I'm sure the family had fun.

  2. Looks like a lovely way to spend the day! While I currently live in the city, I dream of one day living in the mountains and being able to go on hikes like this with future kiddos!

  3. Giiirl. I haven't visited your blog in so long! I follow you on Insta, so I've been up-to-date with the pregnancy announcement (congrats!), but wow - I can't believe how grown up Henry looks in some of these photos! So sweet. :)