Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Current Favorites: Couches, Podcasts, Maternity Jeans and more!

1. Our new couch

You guys I CANNOT even begin to tell you how much we LOVE our new couch. We have been searching for a new sectional forever, but nothing was really catching my eye. I wanted quality, nothing that would fall apart after a year or two, and I also wanted something that was very, very comfortable while at the same time fitting into the aesthetic of our home. It seemed impossible but I randomly checked on Macy's and surprisingly fell in love with this couch. I ordered it immediately, sight unseen, and just crossed my fingers it would work. We got it in the Mocha color and I was so hesitant to get anything called Mocha because I didn't want anything remotely brown. After reading the reviews though I saw that it was actually a true gray, so I decided to just go for it. When it arrived it was more beautiful than we could have imagined. Amazing quality, and we also got the 7-year rips and stains plan which is really comprehensive and great. This is NOT sponsored at all, I bought this couch, but I am just beyond happy with it that I had to share. I know finding a great couch is hard but I can't recommend this one enough!

2. The Birth Hour Podcast

I had the opportunity to meet my online friend Bryn at the Babymoon Retreat last week in Sedona (more on this soon!). Bryn is the coolest and also just so happens to run the wildly awesome and successful Birth Hour Podcast, and while together I had a chance to be a part of it. You can listen to it here- I'm at 12:38- but I encourage you to listen to the entire thing. One of my best friends Sarah and her husband Andy are also featured. This was so much fun, so let me know if you give it a listen!

3. Maternity Jeans and Leggings

I've had quite a few questions about what kind of jeans and leggings I've been wearing while pregnant. I wear one or the other every single day, and now on my third pregnancy I definitely know what works for me. To warn you these jeans are very expensive, but all you need is one pair and they will last you through every pregnancy. They are the very best. This brand (in the ankle length) is my go-to, but I also have a pair from this brand that I love. I have to size up almost two sizes with this second brand, so keep that in mind- but the sale price is great! Both pairs are totally worth the investment and hold their value if you resell afterward. As far as leggings, I love the Lululemon Align high-waisted leggings for before, during, and after pregnancy.  They're not maternity but work just as well. I also just ordered a pair of these fleece-lined maternity leggings for colder weather and I'm hoping I really love them.

4. New-to-me Baby Things

It's been so much fun figuring out what items we're going to be using for this baby. Working in the industry I am surrounded by a ton of things all of the time, but as excited I am for all of the new, fun things, I still just want to keep it simple and get just the basic items we need. I learned with the boys that you may think you need a ton of stuff, but you really just need a few choice items. One of the biggest things I'm excited about is the Ergobaby Nursing Pillow. I've sent these to so many mamas over the past year but I've never got to use it myself, so I'm really looking forward to that! I'm also excited to try out the Dock-a-Tot and the Owlet monitor.

5. Journaling

I've been journaling like crazy this pregnancy, which makes me really happy. I just keep thinking of how much I would have loved to read all of my Mom's thoughts during this time, so that keeps me motivated. My Mom did create the coolest baby book and actually has daily entries on a calendar, and I know how much I love looking at all of that, so it's important for me to do the same. I've been using this pregnancy journal and really love it. It's not cheesy, very pretty, and gives you a ton of space to write. Seriously, check it out! A great price and a wonderful gift for yourself or a fellow expectant friend.



  1. i just look at the picture and i love your couch too. look so comfortable!!

  2. Love that podcast! I knew you were there so was thinking maybe you'd be making an appearance. Can't wait to hear it :)

  3. LOVE this sofa! Looks like it's super comfy!

  4. I love a good journal, & that one definitely looks lovely. I've kept a bullet journal for a couple years since I found I was only journaling on vacation, which is great, but I missed it when I got home. Definitely hard to make time sometimes for a full entry, I find. Love that you're documenting it!