Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Color in Arizona

Fall color in Arizona...yes, it exists! Every year around this time I always share a few posts about how beautiful the leaves are up here in Northern Arizona. This year I thought I would share another fun hike for you to bookmark for next year! This one is extremely family friendly and perfect for all abilities. The one trick is that you have to time is just right- even a day too late and you'll find bare branches rather than these bright yellow and orange leaves. 

We usually try to make it up north a few times during the Fall. Our leaves change much later here in Prescott, so we typically go up to Flagstaff in October to catch their color. This hike was well-timed (we went on October 16th), but had we done the original trail we wanted to do- the Inner Basin- we would have found bare trees! I had gone up the weekend before with girlfriends, so I knew this spot would be perfect, and I'm so glad we made it up in time.

To get to this exact spot, simply head up to Flagstaff, then go up Snowbowl Rd. Keep driving almost all the way up to the ski area and you'll see an area to your left with parking along the wooden fence. Park there, and enter at the trail markings. It's very clear, so you shouldn't have a problem at all. Here you'll find a ton of Aspens and if you walk along the trail and bear left, you'll begin to follow the Arizona Trail, which will take you through Aspen groves and into a beautiful field with the option to go on and on, or simply stop and take it all in. It's a gorgeous trail and appropriate for all ages. 

Mark it down in your calendar for next year! You'll want to watch the leaves- I often will peruse IG photos of this area to see what's up, or you can always message me and ask! I hope you get up there to enjoy the beautiful colors too- they're simply spectacular.

Here are some photos from our recent hike- I shared some of this in the Clif Bar post but had so many I wanted to share here as well. Enjoy, and happy Fall! I can't believe Thanksgiving is NEXT week! :)

ps. I used my new lens for these photos and I can't recommend it enough. Pricey worth the investment if you're in the market for a great lens.