Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Another Halloween in the books and I really feel like this one was the best yet (see all our previous years here!). As much as I love the baby stage, there is SO much fun to be had now that the boys are older. Trick-or-treating involves no strollers, just tons of going from house to house, running around with friends, and just doing our thing. It's awesome. This year we did our traditional stop on Mt. Vernon, the street where Hank's Dad grew up, to trick-or-treat. We get there early, because people come from all over to walk up and down, and it gets incredibly crowded. But we always arrive around 4pm and it's perfect- you can tell from the earlier photos just how empty it is. As the hour progresses it begins to fill up, and we usually hightail it out of there to an adjacent neighborhood for more trick-or-treating. We're at the point where we are seriously thinking about where we want to move to here in Prescott, and we're always going back and forth about either building in the forest or living right down in the middle of everything. Usually forest wins out, but on special days like this the thought of living downtown is really appealing- it's so much fun!

Every year we spend the night with our family and friends, checking out all of the awesome houses and really amazing costumes. We decided to go with a Ghostbusters family theme ourselves, inspired by the boys love for the original movie. We let them watch it this year and they LOVE it- top five for sure. We had a great night and I managed to snap some photos in between all of the craziness. It's pretty amazing to think that next year we'll have a sweet baby girl to join in on the fun too! I'm already envisioning all of the family themes we can do! ;)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Beautiful sentiments and lovely photos!

  2. It looks like y'all had so much fun! I seriously cannot wait until next Halloween so that we can take our daughter trick-or-treating for her first Halloween. Even though she probably won't really know what's going on, I still can't wait and I'm so excited for family costumes!


  3. I love how everyone gets involved! The costumes are ace.

  4. I love these photos so much! I do wish we celebrated Halloween in the same we they do in America, I feel like I missed out on some seriously fun time in my childhood. x

  5. Always love seeing your Halloween photos, I love how everyone really gets into it! The costumes are so good!