Monday, December 12, 2016

Photos on the Walls...and Some Gift-Giving Too!

Last week I shared a bit about getting photos up on our walls, in partnership with's Photos to Art service. Today I wanted to share the finished pieces we chose, and how they turned out! While taking these photos I realized I need to do an office tour soon. We recently revamped the front living room into our shared home office- added a wall and sliding pocket doors, painted, put in new flooring, and it's a BIG change! So as soon as a few final pieces arrive next week, I'll snap some photos and give you all the info. I'm excited. For today though, you'll get the tiniest sneak peek of what we have going on so far.

I went with two framed photos on either side of the new doors. I'm not a huge gallery wall person- I always admire them in other people's homes but it feels cluttered and overwhelming in my own. I prefer bigger pieces, or more of a grid layout like in our bedroom. And on either side of the door, I liked just one picture to balance it out. They turned out so great- I chose the gold with black sides, and I'm really pleased with them in their simplicity. Hank was glad they came ready to hang, wire attached and all, which is always a huge plus. They were up in five minutes, and you can't beat that. You can see all of the frames and options here.

Our third Photos To Art item was a gift for my father-in-law, and it arrived super quickly. We did the canvas option in the Photo To Art umbrella and it turned out perfectly. The boys were so excited when we took it out of the packaging and wanted to hang it in our hallway! But luckily giving it to their Grandpa was a close second and they're excited to see it on his wall. ;) The canvas also came ready to hang (see below), which is very handy for gift giving and I know my father-in-law will appreciate how easy it will be to get up in his home.

Like I mentioned in last week's post, has a huge selection of personalized gifts, at really great prices. Canvas, frames, different types of photo prints from wood to acrylic, you name it. And today, the whole site is 50% off! Check them out, and as always, thanks for reading! Happy almost-Christmas!

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