Thursday, December 15, 2016

Family Photos and our 2016 Christmas Card

Happy holidays friends! Can you believe Christmas is in TEN days? Whoa. I feel pretty ready, although our Christmas cards are just going out this week. I typically like to have them ready to go on December 1st, but we weren't able to take our pictures until much later this year, so everything was pushed just a bit. However, we made the deadline! And a side note, if you haven't sent your cards out yet, we always partner with Tiny Prints who offers super fast shipping AND beautiful New Year's you can send quickly or wait and do a fun "Happy 2017!" if you're feeling stressed for time already. I always like knowing I have that option if all else fails. ;)

Our friend Lauren Ristow snapped our family photos again this year, and it's so neat to have so many years of "Lauren photos" to look back on. We have such a love for her talent, and she never disappoints. Every year I think it would be impossible to get any good ones with our wild crew, but then we get the gallery and we're blown away. She is so good. We took these when I was 6 months pregnant (I'm 7 months now) and I was feeling very round in the face so I was worried I wouldn't like them at all, but I think they turned out great and are the perfect timestamp for our life right now. And it's still crazy for me to realize there will be a third little one holding our hands next year at this time. Wow.

So, here is a sampling of the hundreds of photos Lauren took, as well as the card we chose at the bottom! Thanks to Tiny Prints for partnering up for maybe the 4th or 5th year in a row too- and if you want to head to their site, everything is 40% today as well.


ps. see my dress here (looks like it's now sold out) and Dolce Vita Tessey booties here, and Hank's shirt here and boots here.

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  1. Charlie has the best mischievous twinkle in his eye. It's such a three year old thing, I think. Like he's up to no good, but wants to be the best he can.