Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Lunch for Olive June

This past weekend my girlfriends threw me a lunch in honor of Olive's arrival! It was so much fun and the sweetest way to celebrate this pregnancy. It was held at my friend Gina's restaurant, which just so happens to be the most delicious bagel and juice spot in town- Olde World Bagels- and Gina created the menu and made all of the food, assisted by Kasee. The menu was insane: a winter salad of fennel and apple with pomegranate, and blackberry, wild rice salad with goat cheese and a sherry vinegar dressing, and a smoked beet root hummus with fresh veggies. She also created some delicious toast: one option with cannellini bean, garlic, and rosemary mash with wilted kale and avocado, and then another with melted nutmeg scented gruyere and roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. SO good. My friend Rachel also made the naked cake that was to-die-for, topped by fresh olive branches Shirley brought up from Chandler. I was so touched when I walked in- every detail was so beautiful and perfect, and it was overwhelming to feel all of the love in the room.

It hasn't been the easiest time lately- I feel super up and down as my Dad's health hasn't been the best- so it was extra special to just have this time surrounded by so much love and kindness from almost every one of my closest friends, and my Mom, sister, and mother-in-law. We kept the guest list intentionally very small, and it ended up being perfect especially since I had a little bout of ugly crying while doing the toast. ;) Each of my sweet guests brought Olive a little something, and I left with adorable girl outfits, precious toys for her, and of course, books. I will have to share some of the beautiful books I received in an upcoming post- we should be hanging her bookshelves this weekend and getting that part of her room set up so there will be a place for them, and I'll share next week.

Life goes by so quickly, and I can remember when I first became pregnant living here in Prescott. I didn't have any "mom friends," and at times I felt lonely. Then I met Veronica, who has grown to become one of the dearest and most treasured people in my life, and from there our little circle has expanded to include some of the best women I've ever known. When we're all together we often talk about how lucky we feel to have each other. I feel like it's not too often that we as adult women are able to find our "people," and especially in a small town. And the icing on the cake, our husbands and kids are all close too. Sunday was a day to celebrate baby Olive, but to me, it was also very special to look around and see all of these people that mean so much to me from my oldest friends like Shirley to the girls who have become like sisters a little later in life. The other "sisters" in my life are spread between California and Chicago, but I know they were there in spirit! 

Here are just a handful of photos from the day, some by me and my phone and some via Sunshine, whose website you can view here. xoxo

olive soap at every place setting- so many cute details.

my sweet hostesses!

get my dress here- for reference I'm wearing a size small. 


  1. This is so sweet ! It is wonderful to have friends near and far, old and new. You look great, looking forward to seeing little Olive. ( :

    1. Aww thank you so much Teresa! :)
      And thank you for reading too! <3

  2. Great Post! This looks so good :)