Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We All Need a Little Greenery

Did you know my favorite color is green? I love all shades of green, but forest green is my all-time favorite. I think I decided that when I was about five- I can think back and remember a green teddy bear my Grandma gave me and being SO excited that he was the exact color I loved. I also think it had to do with my Dad's favorite color being green...it's funny how that happens. The boys are solidly for their own favorites, red for Charlie and yellow for Henry, but green is a close second for both of them. And this year Pantone's Color of the Year is...green! Awesome.

Art.com has been a long time partner of Sometimes Sweet and when they reached out to collaborate again I was excited to hear about their fun new project all about Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenly. They have a whole section on their website dedicated to decorating with it, and a ton of options and ideas of how to incorporate the color into your home. Our vibe at home is mainly neutral with pops of color here and there, but outside of plants we don't have a lot of green. The boys and I sat down one evening and went through Art.com's site, choosing some "Greenery" to add to our home, and it was fun to pick and choose different ways to add color into various rooms.

I'll be sharing some posts over the next month showing how we incorporated the color into our decor, and as I was writing this the other morning we got our first delivery: a couple prints for the boys' rooms and some succulents! I'll share more next week, but for now be sure to check out their site if you want to add some happy green to your home, too. 

This post was shared in collaboration with Art.com. Thanks for reading!

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