Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Links

Happy Sunday! This past Friday we had an ultrasound, and we were so excited to peek in on her one more time. I shared a photo on my Instagram account, so check there is you're curious, and let me know if you think she looks like the boys. I totally see them, which is crazy to me. As for right now, I have some fun links for you to browse! Enjoy, and have a wonderful rest of your weekend. xo

Here are the sources for the photo above: record player and speakers, circle shelf, rug, and couch!

Egypt is at the very top of my must-go list. I loved reading through this post.

Life in 2007.

I just love Adam Driver.

The 25 best movies of 2016 and where to watch them.

Some comfy sweaters: one, two, and three.

21 little everyday changes to make your 2017 even better.

Also: I love this top!

Tips for cultivating mindfulness. to fall asleep in under five minutes.

On my reading list: one, two, and three.

The biggest wellness trends of 2017.

I LOVED reading this article that I found on Diana's blog this week.

I'm excited to dive into this podcast for the first time.

We finally got one of these (so worth it), so this post was immediately bookmarked.

Have any of you ever had one of these coats? They look amazing...but the price is not so amazing. I just wonder if it's one of those things you buy once in your life and last forever, which makes it well worth it. Let me know!

A Harvard linguist reveals the most misused words in English.

This Kale Cesar Salad sounds delicious!

Wishlist: ANY of these boots, one of these bracelets, and this dress.

The best documentaries on Netflix.

And finally, what it meant to have a feminist president.



  1. i love the idea of the 3rd place that makes you happy. also, yes to a fresh bed sheet!!!

  2. Just wanted to say I look forward and appreciate to all your links and book recommendations. Love them and your tastes. Got my latest book from your list and just started listening to the Call your Girlfriend podcast and I love it !

    1. Oh you are so sweet! Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment, it's so encouraging!