Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekend Links

Happy Sunday! We've spent the weekend in a winter wonderland, but the snow has melted off a lot since really dumping yesterday. Another storm is moving through tonight so we may be looking at a snow day tomorrow though too! Here's to hoping...

Here are some links for your Sunday:

You can find my boots in the above photo right here- all different versions! The coat is BB Dakota, but from last year.

My girlfriends are threw me a small luncheon to celebrate baby Olive! This is the dress I wore  to celebrate. I have it in a darker color too- it's just the best!

See a couple photos from the lunch on my IG, and a bunch of details in my IG Stories too.

Question: could you go without alcohol or caffeine for 27 months?

BrenĂ© Brown always knows what's up...and this course looks great.

How to always pick the right seat on the plane.

There are some great blogging tips here!

I have officially switched over to wearing these underwear everyday and I'm so happy! These bralettes have been my go-to during this pregnancy as well. The hype about them is real- they're really wonderful and so comfy. Well worth the price.

I'm always fascinated with articles about "buy nothing" years.

And on the opposite spectrum, I'm so feeling this style of shoes for spring!

Some cute kiddo gift ideas: this slingshot and one of these "fancy lady" dolls.

Cinnamon roll breakfast bake. This look amazing.

Wow! This is fascinating- could elephants help us cure cancer?

Baby wishlist: this cute jumper and this activity center.

And a wishlist for me: this top, a great cover up for spring pool time, and these wedges.

Across the US by train...for only $213!

Obituaries for teenage girls who actually died when they said they're dying.

Would you ever get hair extensions? I would love to try some clip ins for more volume!

An interesting read about men and women's stereotypes.

Did you march yesterday? Here is a round up of some of the best signs.

10 home organization items that are worth the money.

Also, 10 things this author has learned by decluttering her life. A good read!

And speaking of organization, have you gotten yourself a 2017 planner yet? These planners are my most favorite and the orange version is my everyday go to.

Etsy wishlist: this print, this rattle, and these picture hangers.

This is the baby book I'll be using with Olive.

And finally- 20 life changing habits. Inspiring!