Thursday, February 2, 2017

Random Questions and Answers

Are you guys liking Instagram Stories? I stopped using Snapchat for a number of reasons, and I wasn't sure if I would end up liking the similar platform on IG, but I definitely do! I don't share a ton of the kids on there- just little bits now and again- but I really love to post little updates and especially enjoy seeing what friends are up to. It's nice having everything in one place, for sure. The only downside is that I find it impossible to keep up with the questions. It's important to me to try to answer every comment on photos (and anywhere else I post content), but my direct messages have gotten out of control and I feel terrible about it! So, I thought today I would answer all of the questions I've been getting via Stories here today.

Here we go with the first five--

1. Where did you get Olive's bookshelves from?

You can see them in the "in progress" photo up there, and they are really great, you guys. We have always gone with the IKEA versions of these, but for this space the long ones were too long and the short too short. I found these on Amazon, and Hank and I were both pleasantly surprised with the quality. They were super easy to hang, and the space where the book actually rests is large enough you could also put objects, which is a great. I definitely recommend them. On a related note, the juju hat hanging over Olive's crib is from Zeal Living, the crib is from Fisher-Price, and the rug is from Anthropologie (5x7 size). Much more on her nursery later as it comes together!

2. Where did you get your couch? Do you still love it?

Oh man. The couch! This couch has been a dream. We bought it from Macy's during a big sale, and I agonized over this decision. It was hard to buy such an important, big ticket item without trying it out beforehand or even seeing it in person, but I had been searching for a sofa for the longest time to no avail so I decided to just pull the trigger and do it. I was out of town when it arrived so Hank was there for the delivery and he texted me right away saying how nice it was! When I got home later that day and saw it in person I was so happy- the texture, fabric, everything was better than expected. It's super comfortable, huge, and we're just very pleased with it. We also got the 7 year rips, tears, stains, and spills warranty which gives nice peace of mind. If you're in the market for a new couch, definitely check it out. One word of advice- we got the Mocha color, which is actually a true gray and not brown in the least.

3. Where is your rug from? 

One night I went on and on about our rug search on IG Stories and subsequently got a ton of questions. We've gone through quite a few because I just couldn't make up my mind. Interestingly enough the rug we chose is the original one I wanted, but I was hesitant due to its light color and it being 100% wool, which we'd had a bad experience with before. I had previously gotten a white Moroccan type rug that shed horribly, getting white fuzz into literally every nook and cranny of the house, so I tried to avoid light colored, wool rugs every since then...but for our living room, light and neutral really is the best choice. We also tried out a Persian rug for a bit but it was ultimately too much red for me and too much of a color commitment, so back it went. Three cheers for awesome return policies! The one we have now (8x10 size) is a keeper for sure. It's from West Elm, and another great deal I scored on sale a few weeks ago. It sheds minimally and is super soft underfoot, which is perfect for lounging kids and a baby on the way. One word of advice- it's thinner so you absolutely need a rug pad. We tried a couple out before getting this one, which is a total game changer. This is the best rug pad ever, and I will never get another brand. It's amazing.

4. Do you eat lunch meat while pregnant?

All I've wanted this pregnancy are sandwiches. Actually non-pregnant that's all I ever want too! haha. There is a recommendation in the US to avoid lunch meat due to listeria. You can read more about it here, and it's definitely something I followed to the letter with both boys. This time around though I feel more relaxed, and decided to just go ahead and eat lunch meat. My doctor okayed it as well, and it's been really wonderful to be able to eat my most favorite food! Definitely trust your gut though, and listen to your doctor- if they advise against it then by all means, avoid it! But for me I decided it was okay and I've been eating lunch meat a few times a week as evidenced by all of the Nick's Feed Your Face photos I share via Stories. But again, I did not with my first two pregnancies and it is not advised to do so.

5. What is your workout routine while pregnant?

I've basically been doing the same things I did before I was pregnant, except running. Some days I don't feel like working out at all and I listen to my body and just REST, but most days I definitely crave getting up and moving, so since it's been so cold I do cardio at home or at the gym for about 40 min- mixing it up between incline walking, the elliptical, or the stair stepper, and then weights. The big difference with this pregnancy is that I'm still lifting pretty heavy. With the boys I totally scaled back but this time I just listen to my body and do what feels good. I think that's a big difference between my first two pregnancies and this one- I feel less nervous and know what works for me and how to really pay attention to what's going on. With ALL of this said, I don't feel comfortable sharing workouts or anything because I am obviously not a trainer and you really really need to check with your doctor about all of it, but my friend Amy Suzanne is amazing, certified, and shared many pregnancy workouts during her last pregnancy I reference a lot. I just love her!

I'll end this here but I have more for next time too! If you ever have anything you want to know, feel free to ask.



  1. That crib is so cute! I can't believe it's Fisher Price!

    1. RIGHT?! I thought the same thing. I had a couple of different options to partner up and I wanted to go this route because I feel like it's so cute and actually affordable! Thank you so much for reading. :)


  2. LOVE it girl! Thanks for all your tips & tricks! You're THE BEST!

  3. What are all the books on the shelf? Due in August and trying to find great kid books to read ;)

    1. I am planning to do a post on all of her books soon! Stay tuned! xoxo