Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why Register for a 3rd Baby?

It's crazy how much changes in a year. And tack on a few more on top of that, and you have a whole new ballgame. Working in the baby industry I see a LOT of change, and it's amazing to look back at when Henry was a baby over six years ago and marvel at how different things are even in that relatively short time. And even in the past three and half since Charlie was born, baby gear has dramatically changed and improved! So when we found out we were pregnant with baby #3, I knew we would have to update a lot of what we had.

I don't think a veteran Mom's first instinct is to register for baby stuff, right? It definitely wasn't mine, but thanks to working with Babylist on some Ergobaby projects throughout the previous year, I knew that even though I thought registering wouldn't be for me, it was a site I wanted to explore once we became pregnant. So once we announced and friends and family started asking what we needed for this little one, I became curious and made an account.

Have you looked at the Babylist site before? Sponsored post or not, I would have shared about it because it's just that cool. You can register for ANY item, from ANY site, and it's all organized and streamlined in one place. Adding items is extremely easy and quite similar to Pinterest. It's so intuitive and simply to use, and what I love most about it is that you can add anything you heart desires, like a Juju hat from Zeal Living, headbands from Etsy, a necklace from Made by Mary, or books from Amazon. With Henry I registered with a big box company, but so much of what I loved came from smaller online stores that obviously weren't compatible with that. But with Babylist you can add it all, from anywhere.

Another big thing I love is all of the info in their Hello Baby section. I've been out of the baby game with my own kids for awhile, so it was VERY helpful to go through their articles and rediscover items I'd forgotten all about and find new-to-me things to register for too. I particularly loved this article about baby essentials- it's a must-read for any soon to be parent. A couple other good reads: how to choose a baby rocker, bouncer or swing, and ANY of their sample registries

And now with our third baby, and especially having a baby girl, we needed quite a few new things. I decided to just go for it and register, and found the entire process to be SO MUCH FUN. If you're in the fence about doing so for a second, third, or fourth child...do it. The entertainment level is so high, and I found it great for a few reasons-

1. It allows family and friends to get a sense of what you need for your baby, be it your first or fifth. People want to shower the mother-to-be with love and gifts, and this just makes it easier for everyone. We already had so much stuff, but we did need some new items (I'll talk more about these below), and it was nice I could have them all in one place and easy for anyone to access. 

2. Get organized. I found the registry invaluable in organizing what we needed, what we had, etc. I essentially used Babylist as huge "to-do" list while getting Olive's room together, and along the way our loved ones were able to contribute some fun items to her room, which I loved! I added a TON of books from Amazon and Anthropologie to my list and almost every single one was purchased by a friend of family member. Nothing makes me happier than looking at her bookshelf and seeing all of these beautiful new titles from some of our favorite people.

3. Add and edit from your phone. Babylist's app is GREAT, and a huge reason I ended up really loving the site. I would often be on my phone and come across something amazing, and I could easily add it to my registry via the app. This was very helpful and a huge selling point for me!

As far as what I had to register for for Olive, there were quite a few things. The obvious being girl clothing- I didn't add too much, just her going home outfit- but I did do a lot of accessories like bows, a bonnet, socks, etc. We needed a new baby monitor (ours was outdated so I read up here), and a new "co sleeper" type of thing, and a new crib mattress. See below for photos around our nursery and notes about each item, and links below the photos to read more.

Freshly Picked moccs are my favorite and I tell all my friends to get them. I've used them with both boys and it's so neat you can use Babylist to register for them on the FP site, or places that carry them, like Nordstrom. Be sure to check out their $45 classic version.

Our crib is from Fisher-Price (available at Target!), our rug is from Anthropologie, and the Juju hat  on the wall is from Zeal Living. Again, all able to be registered for on Babylist- I love that.

Have you tried Bebe au Lait's super soft blankets? These are the SOFTEST blankets we own, and last and last. Highly recommend.

DIAPERS! This was a must for registering- no matter what baby you're having, they'll need diapers (disposable or cloth)! I usually like to have three boxes of Newborn diapers on hand, a big box of Size 1, and then go from them. We've always used Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers until baby is out of Size 1, then move to Costco diapers, which are the best! Their wipes are our go-to also. We got this changing pad, and the basket above is from Land of Nod.

One big plus to Babylist is that you can register for ALL of your babywearing items in one place. My three must-haves for different reasons are the Solly Baby wrap, Sakura Bloom sling, and the Ergobaby Adapt. You can use each of these from day one (no infant insert needed with the Ergo!), but I find myself reaching for them based on whatever mood I'm in, or what we'll be doing/where we're going. 

Bows and girly accessories are a whole new world to me, and these are another fun item I added to my registry. I'll share my favorites once Olive is here and gets to try them out.

These are a couple things I'll be throwing in my diaper bag and keeping in the car. On the left side is a huge wet/dry bag, and the item on top is a handy changing pad, both from Skip Hop. It buckles up small, so you can make any bag into a diaper bag, and it's very handy for back of the SUV diaper changes. 

And finally, the NoseFrida. This is a MUST for any registry. We used this with Charlie and it's just a no brainer. Seems gross before you try it, but then you realize how much better it is than the normal "snot sucker" bulb thing from the hospital. I can't recommend this enough.

Like I mentioned above, we also added on a monitor, co-sleeper and a crib mattress. I added a TON of books to our Babylist, and I'll be sharing a post about what we chose soon. You can read more about tried and true items here, and new things we're looking to try here. Most of all I really want to encourage you to check out Babylist if you're expecting...it's so much fun and incredibly useful too.

Now, off to nest (and rest!) some more as Olive will be here NEXT WEEK!


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  1. So many of my friends have been using this site for their upcoming babies. I love it so much. I don't feel as tied to specific stores or prices but I can still give my friends exactly what they're looking for. :)