Tuesday, March 7, 2017

And Just Like That...

And just like that it's the week of Olive's birth. We all can't believe it- I know time is time, but I swear, these nine months went by so much faster than we anticipated. Soon we'll have a brand new baby, two big brothers, a Mom and a Dad who are new "girl" parents, and really a huge shift in our entire world. Four to five. Brand new for all.

I look at these photos and I think back to hiking through the mountains of Switzerland last summer with Hank. We would spend our days in these beautiful places, walking in the greenest greens we've ever laid eyes on, over steep mountain tops, through the most beautiful little towns. We would end our evenings eating big dinners, drinking beer and wine, talking and dreaming about our future. We knew on that trip it was completely possible we would be bringing home something extra so we talked about it a lot. What life would be like with three boys, or with two boys and a girl, how things would change with three kids...how excited we were to grow our family. It was the first time we weren't trying not to have a baby, and all of my heart believed that we really would be conceiving a baby in Switzerland. But even with all of my wishing, hoping, and believing, it was still a shock to see that positive pregnancy test later that summer.

We will never be here again. We will never be days away from meeting our baby, the anticipation and excitement bubbling up every other minute, taking walks with the boys full of talking about what she'll be like, spending my nights reading in bed feeling kicks and turns and little hiccups inside of my belly. This is the last go-round for us, and I have cherished every moment of this beautiful gift. Each pregnancy has been such a special time in my life, and as I type this I'm finding myself getting emotional knowing these few days are a goodbye to that chapter. But more than anything, a much, much bigger hello.

Friday is it, and over these next few days I'm going to focus on paying close attention to these last days. Soaking up every little bit, trying to memorize every feeling. We are so ready to meet this little girl, and my heart is already bursting with the joy she is sure to bring.

Happy birth-week, little one.



  1. Lovely pics! I hope you had a great time in such a beautiful city! You will like to see more fun from here.