Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Current Favorites

see my Madewell jumpsuit here- and check out the (amazing) Shopbop sale details below too! 

I think some of my favorite blog posts to read are "favorites" posts. It's always so fun to see what other people love- and I've found some of my most favorite things through other women sharing what they're into. Here's my current list- very random, but hopefully you find something great, too!

1. Sakura Bloom Theory Sling

I've worn all of my babies in Sakura Bloom slings but this new one I recently picked up is my all time favorite. It's one of their Theory slings (in Birch) and only do I love the neutral color but the bamboo/linen material is to die for soft. I love wearing Olive in it every single day, and it's currently my babywearing go-to, as shown above.

2. Big Little Lies

Have you seen this series on HBO yet?! I loved the book (super fast, fun beachy read), but the television adaptation was just bananas. So good. Don't read this article unless you've watched, but it's an excellent write up. I enjoyed so much about the show- the cast is amazing, the acting is spot on, and the entire vibe of the show is just addictive. If you've yet to watch, add it to your weekend to-do list! I bet you'll love it too.

3. Ingrid & Isabel nursing items

These have been my favorite things this time around post-baby. Their drop cup nursing tanks, stretchy pants, I've been loving all of these things for lounging around in comfort at home. And although Olive and I have been adventuring out here and there, most of our time is spent at home, snuggling in bed or on the couch. In both of my previous pregnancies, I always struggled with finding comfortable postpartum clothing I actually wanted to wear those first couple of months, and I'm grateful to have found this brand! One big plus is that Shopbop is having a huge sale this week, so if you stock up on the essentials (or fun non essentials too!), you'll save a ton of money. The sale actually begins tomorrow but Sometimes Sweet readers are able to shop early and get 20% of all orders under $500 and 25% off all orders over $500 with code "EVENT17." Yes!

4. Hail Merry treats

If you follow me on IG you know I've been sharing about Hail Merry deliciousness here and there on my Stories. Not sponsored but I can't get enough! Everything they make is so delicious, and their Cookie Dough bites are sooo good. Vegan, gluten-free, etc. I am neither of those things but I love them nonetheless.

5. Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Wait, what? That's the name of the band, and it made me laugh the first time I heard it too. But they are the BEST. Check them out on Spotify or whatever music player you use, and listen to these songs first: First Class, Devil Like Me, and Seven. In that order! Those are my current top three faves...and let me know what you think too!

6. Bassinet style stroller.

Seriously, how did I live without one of these before with the boys? It simplifies taking our daily walk because Olive doesn't have to be strapped into her carseat and instead can lay down and snooze away in the shade. I LOVE the one we have (Orbit Baby, no longer made), but I know there are a ton of brands who make bassinet style strollers. A new "must" for me!

That's it for now! Happy Tuesday. xoxo


  1. I am german and am super surprised about number 6. Every stroller here has a bassinet and everyone uses it for their babies during the first months. I found out that this is not common everywhere when friends from the US visited us and asked why we have a stroller with a crib :)

  2. Hey Dani - I don't see the Madewell jumpsuit on the page linked under your photo...Is it still sold on Shopbop?

    1. Hey Julie!

      Oh no! It goes to "all items" in case it sells out! :( I would try on the Madewell site! I hope you can find it, it's really great!


    2. Oh! I found it- it's sold out here too but check your store or keep your eye on the link for returns! <3