Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Links

I had these ready to go this weekend but it was such a whirlwind I totally forgot to share. So here's another edition of Weekend Links...on a Monday. Which actually might be a better day for these anyway- who doesn't like clicking through fun things at the end of a long day? On a side note, isn't this photo adorable? We didn't manage a family photo on Easter but this one I snapped that morning makes up for it. So much love.

And here are the links -

A Palm Springs door tour!

Also, if I was going to Palm Springs I'd want ALL of these things.

What Girls got right.

Related: a round up of articles about the Girls finale.

Wishlist: this dress, these crops, and this dress.

I'd also love a pair of these sandals and one of these cute woven bags for summer!

And on the topic of shopping...could you go a year without it?

I really would love to check out Coachella one day. These photos are awesome.

The 5 keys to forming any habit.

Would you/do you track your macros?

I'm sure Hank will want to go here when it opens!

I really want to try these eye patches.

Have you ever worn Spanx? I tried some postpartrum compression shorts and didn't like them, but recently got a pair for under a tight dress and I'm sold!

The retail meltdown of 2017.

Next up in my reading list: this book.

How pretty are all of these embroidered, beaded beauties? I love them.

7 questions to ask when cleaning out your closet.

Blood from young people
 may be the secret to fight aging.

I've gotten a lot of questions about my blouse worn here. This is the brand- check back often because although it's sold out it might pop back up...and there are similar tops there also!

I'm loving Free People sets for summer.

Currently loving: this tank that just arrived in the mail and this highlighter (in Opal), always.

5 ways to teach kids about consent.

Would you wear these? They were totally my jam in the 90s!

LOVED the book (seriously, read it), and I'm really excited about the series (premiering in 2 days) even though it looks really upsetting. It's sadly very appropriate for the current times.

Some tips to ease into Spring wellness.

And finally, read this letter from a mother to her son as he graduates college.



  1. I haven't read Handmaid's Tale yet, but it is on my list of books to read, especially since it will be a show.
    Love your round up of links!

  2. Thanks for sharing my Palm Springs Door Tour!