Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bows, Bows, Bows!

Who would have ever thought I'd be writing a blog post about hair bows?! It makes me laugh to even think about. I've recently gotten a ton of questions about the ones I put on Olive though, and when I started writing an email with links for my friend and new mama Brittany I realized I should just do a blog post on the topic. I'm obviously new to the whole accessorizing a baby girl thing, but I have loved collecting all sorts of bows and headbands since we found out Olive was a girl! Since this picture was taken below I've gotten a few more favorites, most notably this bow in the mustard, pumpkin and burgundy colors. I LOVE them!

Read on for the rest of my favorites --

La Belle Baby: Website + Instagram

These bows are just beautiful. Their maker Joanna crafts them from vintage velvet so each bow is extra special. Her shop is currently on hiatus but check back on May 9th to place your orders.

Bloomies Handmade: Website + Instagram

These were some of the first bows I received. I really love all of the different prints, and they're so soft and seem comfy. I especially love the September bow set.

Baby Bling Bows: Website + Instagram

These big bows are my very favorite. They have all sorts of different types, from knotted fronts to little turban ties...but the big classic bows are the cutest in my opinion. Not too big and not too small, they're soft and don't leave marks on Olive's head.

Lavender and Lillie Handmade: Website + Instagram

My long time internet pal Carly creates everything you'll find in her darling shop. She makes bows, bonnets, jumpers, you name it, and I love how delicate and beautiful everything is. We're lucky owners of a few of her pieces and they're so lovely.

Loved by Sophie Claire: Website + Instagram

These tiny suede bows are perfect for newborns and beyond. I think they're great when you just want a little touch of color- we actually brought the dainty little pink one below in our hospital bag (below). So cute. On a related note- my kids never did pacifiers, but they have some really pretty pacifier clips too.

Happy shopping! And please let me know if you have any faves I should know about too. Feel free to link them in my IG post or below.



  1. Congratulations! I have a two-year-old daughter that I conceived with the help of my best friend's donor eggs. Yay for girl power! I found great hair accessories on Etsy. RYANANDWREN has adorable hair clips and BABYliciousDIVAS for headbands.

  2. I had three boys before adopting our little princess, so I totally get the excitement of hair bows. :) She's so precious!

  3. One of my oldest friends recently started an Etsy business selling children's clothes - she has a very sweet bow on there with many colour/pattern options! Thought it might pique your interest!

  4. Omygoodness I'm THRILLED! I got a lot of gray, black and white little outfits surprisingly and the bows tie everything off into a cute combo no matter what! Thank you SO so very much Danielle! :) Cheers, brit!