Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Olive and Me, Sedona Edition

This past weekend Hank, Olive and I spent a couple days in the red rocks of Sedona. More on the trip tomorrow, but I wanted to share some photos Hank snapped of Olive and me on the backside of the Amara Resort and Spa. It makes me immeasurably happy to look at these- it's almost a "pinch me" kind of thing to be holding my sweet girl, after wishing for her for so long. The boys and I are over the moon for this baby, and she's such a lucky little girl to grow up with the love of so many wonderful people in her life.

I treasure these photos because it's a snapshot of us right now- me, 35 years old and Olive 3 months old. I love to look back at photos of my Mom and me when I was a baby and I'm enthralled. What was my Mom like back then? I love looking at what she's wearing and what I'm wearing, where we are and hearing the stories of why we were there. So I hope with all of my kiddos I can give them that kind of documentation they'll love to look back at one day, but I think it's particularly special with a mother and daughter.

So, here are those photos of us from our weekend. And I got a few questions about my outfit on IG too- you can find my top here, my pants here, and my sandals here. And Olive's bow can be found here. I've also been shooting with this camera exclusively for the past few weeks and that's what these photos were taken with.



  1. I love the matching strip shirts!!! Yall are adorable!

  2. I have read your blog for years now, and think you are really sweet. I enjoy seeing your family grow, but my lord we all get it. You finally got a girl. Its a little awkward when you are talking about her, it almost makes your boys non existent. I really hope your boys don't pick up on this.

    1. Hey anon!

      Thank you for reading! I assure you there's nothing to pick up on, you're reading a small snippet of thoughts and YES! I'm so excited to have our new baby, girl or not, in our world. I totally get where you are coming from though and it does bum me out to hear you think it's awkward or makes them nonexistent. :( Not the case at all, which I'm sure you know outside of this comment. It's a new little human in our life, she's just 3 months old, and we are ALL excited and overjoyed in our family. Anyway, in my real, everyday life I assure you that all of my babies are loved just the same. ;) If I share some extra posts about our new little one it's because one, my boys avoid me taking photos of them at all costs and as they get older I have totally pulled back from sharing a lot about them, and two, because Olive is 3 months old and it's SUCH a new and exciting time! I do truly appreciate you feeling comfortable enough to leave a little note though. I like having the perspective. Sending you a ton of love! And again thanks for reading.


    2. I appreciate you taking the time to reply and not just deleting it. (I am only anonymous because it was easier than signing in.) I do really enjoy seeing your posts, and updates about your family. I realize that sometimes things are not as they appear online, but then again you don't always know how you are appearing either until someone makes a comment. I was not trying to be rude, or mean, so please don't take it that way. Just simply sharing what I think a lot of people are sensing with all the new baby talk, and not a lot of the boys. In the end, it is your blog and your life and if you want to share 1000 olive pictures a day, you go for it! I will continue to be a follower of yours, thank you for being candid.

    3. Of course! You are sweet to write back again too, thank you! :) I agree about what you said also. And don't worry, I didn't take it as rude or mean. But don't forget I have older boys and I've mentioned before as they get older I will be posting about them less and less. It's just a natural progression for our fam. :) Anyway, have a great weekend! Sending lots of love.

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  4. So sweet!! I look forward to see your photos with Olive, especially her outfits! I would love to see a post on shops/outfits you love for her. Thanks so much!