Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our Nighttime Routine

One of my favorite parts of the day is the getting ready for bed routine. Maybe it's because I love wrapping the kiddos in big fluffy towels after they're all clean, maybe it's because I love the scent of the kid lotions and soaps, or maybe it's because it means their sweet little selves are going to bed and I can sit back and just relax for awhile! Either way we have routines for everything, but especially a nighttime one.

Olive has a bit of a different routine than the boys at this point, given that she's only three months old. I'm always on the look out for gentle products that are baby-safe, and the Seventh Generation’s Coconut Care™ line I'm featuring in this post fits the bill. We've been using their household products for years, so when the opportunity to feature them came up it was a quick yes for me. We have fallen in love with all three of the items they sent over.

The Seventh Generation's Coconut Care™ line includes a diaper cream,  moisturizing lotion, and foaming shampoo & body wash. They're made with pure organic coconut oil and you can tell- they make Olive's skin so soft.

In our home, we divide and conquer. With three kids as our new normal, I'll bathe Olive and Hank bathes the boys, and we'll get them all ready for story time. We read books together, wind down for the night, then Hank and I will have some time to ourselves. Every night is basically the same thing, unless we have a dinner out or are on vacation. Routine is so important in our house- and we try to stick to it.

One of the biggest things that has helped me with a new baby is doing something that I've always done with the boys- making sure day and night are set apart. During the day I leave her room bright for naps so she knows its daytime and when nighttime rolls we'll keep it darker. For nights at this stage with Olive that means taking a bath, using products with relaxing scents, getting dressed in pajamas, reading and then putting her into her sleep sack. While I get her ready to nurse, we make sure to keep the lights very low and turn her white noise machine on. We'll get into bed, I'll nurse her and she's out! We began doing a version of this from day one at home and I swear, it helps so much. So far, so good with three kiddos.

Do you have any routines you always stick to? Routines make me feel like we've got this down, at least in this present moment until it all changes again... ;)


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