Friday, July 7, 2017

5 Things I'm Loving

Happy July! I love this month but I sadly noticed this morning that the kiddos only have a few more weeks before school begins. It goes by way too fast and before I know it I'm going to have a big 1st grader heading back into the classroom. We have a few more fun things planned before the end of summer, but I do wish we had just one more month.

I wanted to pop into today and share a fun list of 5 things I'm loving. Are any of these on your list? Enjoy.

1. This book. I'm right in the first third of it but already hooked. My dear friend Amy also sent me this book that I'm excited to check out next!

2. This sunglasses brand. Affordable, cute, on trend. Although I love treating myself sometimes, I hate spending a ton of money on sunglasses because I am always concerned they'll break thanks to one of the kiddos. This brand is another great, pretty affordable option. Although my old faithfuls are still in rotation and at $20 a pop you can't go wrong! ;)

3. My Apple Watch. I wanted to share an update on this thing because it has taken me a long time to finally go this way. Hank and a number of my friends really love theirs, but I was worried I would feel too connected (more on that in #5 below), which I know I would hate. However I've been pleasantly surprised because it actually keeps me off of my phone and just aware of important calls or texts, which I can answer right from my watch. My big downfall is scrolling on my phone during the day, and this has naturally taken care of that problem. I just leave my phone in the bedroom and go about my business. And it's a HUGE improvement from my FitBit for fitness stuff. I really love it and recommend it if you are in the market for a smart kind of watch. I got this one, the 38mm Series 2, Rose Gold with Pink Sand band. It's great!

4. Travel Guides. Although we just got back from our long East Coast trip, Hank and I have been thinking so much about what's next. Our family goal is to save up and travel internationally every year. Even though our kids are young we both feel so strongly about opening their eyes to the world, which is especially important living in a small town. Last year we did Switzerland as a couple, but skipped a big family trip as I was pregnant. The year before we did the Caribbean thanks to my in-laws, so now this year we're ready to get back to meeting our goal. We have some fun places we'd love to check out as a family of five- Croatia, Italy...and I would LOVE to go to Japan (see the link above). I have a lot of researching to do to see what is the most affordable and doable, but we will see what 2018 brings us! Do you have any fun travel blogs or sites you love? I'd love a link.

5. This article. Gosh, this has been on my mind SO much this summer. Because I work online and from my phone a lot of the time, I have to be extra aware of how I spend my time with my devices. I'm usually really great, but for some reason this past month or so I've noticed I've been reaching for my phone a lot more and using it when I'm with the kids, which doesn't make me feel good. I absolutely LOVE the article I linked above. There are practical, usable solutions to help cut back on the time you're on your phone and I'm definitely going to be implementing them! Well, this morning! haha. I hope you'll join me. And here's another great read on the topic.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. That article in number five was a great read. I deleted my Twitter account ages ago and just today deactivated my Instagram account. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram apps from my phone months ago, but they were still a time suck from their desktop versions. I think I'm going to turn off all other notifications (except phone calls and texts). I don't own an Apple Watch, but you've got me thinking that it would keep me off my phone.

    I love that y'all are saving for traveling with the kids, especially internationally. My parents refuse to travel internationally, while I crave it. I've only been to Canada and Mexico and I go back and forth between wanting to save up for my own home vs. wanting to "blow it all", so to speak, on travel, domestic and foreign.

    Have a great weekend!