Tuesday, August 29, 2017

10 Year Anniversaries and Travel Wishlists

Our 10-year wedding anniversary is coming up in 2018, and Hank and I have been discussing what we want to do for it. We're not huge on gifts, and although there is a particular watch and bracelet I've been eyeing for years, when it comes down to it I know we will choose to do a special trip together over anything and everything else.

I grew up traveling a lot, but never out of the country besides Canada and Mexico. Until Hank and I honeymooned in Moorea, it always felt very out of reach. When we decided to do Switzerland, even then the idea was a little crazy to me. Us, go there? All the way there without the kids? Really?! And then we just decided to do it. It was life-changing in so many ways, even outside of the fact that that's where little Olive was conceived. It opened me up and reminded me that we are the ones writing this story of our lives. We choose where we go. We get to save our money and spend it as we please, and focus it where we want. I know these are obvious things, but I think I was just so stuck in this mentality of feeling safe and really living inside some stories I had written for myself.

Our big family goal is to see as much of the world as we can, both with the kids and also on our own. So for our special anniversary we have a list of possibilities of where we are considering going, and I'd love any input! There are very broad ideas- we will just have a week or so the two of us, so as much as we would LOVE to go to some places like Thailand or even New Zealand, the travel time is too much. Also Japan is one of Henry's dream spots so we can't go without him! ;)

A couple things about our travel style- we are not lay on the beach and relax kind of people. We always try and always fail! Active vacations are the best for us, and one of the major reasons we chose to hike inn-to-inn through the Alps for the entirety of our Swiss vacation. We love to stay busy with just a little bit of downtime.

So here's our list, very un-narrowed down. We know we will need to obviously pick regions and smaller area within these countries, but this is a starting place-


How about you? If you were choosing to go anywhere in the world, where would your first choice be? And if you have any input on those spots up there, I'd love to hear.

I'm including some favorite photos from last summer. While I was pulling these I realized I have THREE Switzerland posts that never went up! I'm so excited to share them in the upcoming weeks- there are so many great photos. I can't believe I forgot, but I did find out I was pregnant when we got home so I'm just going to blame it on that! ;)



  1. My husband and I just did a big Europe trip this summer; we visited Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy. I can't recommend Czech Republic (specifically Prague) enough; it was our favorite stop. Honestly it's pretty kid-friendly, so I would save that for a family trip. Italy was wonderful as well; we only visited Florence and Rome, but it was incredible. Unless you're going for a month or something, it's impossible to visit everywhere Italy has to offer, so just pick a couple of places to enjoy (if that's your destination this time around)!

  2. Before I hit your wish list, I instantly thought of Ireland. I haven't been to Switzerland, but it seems to have a lot of the same appeal to me. Lots of hiking, friendly people, doable travel time etc. Italy is also a dream and a half. I would echo the other commenters that say to choose a region and immerse yourself in it (Lake Como + Venice or Tuscany + Florence). Croatia is high on my list personally too!

  3. We went to Italy a couple years ago for 2 weeks and had such an amazing time. We flew into Venice then went to Florence, Rome, and Sorrento. I loved it there! It was so beautiful and so much to see and do. We're actually headed to Scotland and Ireland in 3 weeks and I can't wait. I already know that I'm going to love it. Obviously, I'm no help in narrowing down your choices!

  4. Croatia +/- lake bled slovenia...i went for a no th and it was amazing!!!! Kayaking, waterfalls, canyoning, island boat trips, walks opportunity to go to mostar bosnia or .Montenegro for the day :) and lake bled is Amazing :) xx

  5. I got the chance to do a 2 week tour of Italy and Greece in high school, and loved it so much that I volunteered to be stationed in Italy when I served in the USAF. I can't recommend Italy enough (to everyone!). There is no part of the country that I didn't love, from the touristy Trevi Fountain to the off-the-beaten path teeny tiny little villas with their amazing cappuccinos and interesting street bazaars. Italy is relatively small so even though there is a ton to see, it doesn't take long to get around. Italy has beaches, mountains, grottoes, caverns, big cities, tiny tucked-away villages, clock towers, amazing food. I mean, what's not to love?? I also enjoyed Greece but definitely prefer Italy. It's always been a dream of mine to spend some peaceful days in the hills of beautiful Ireland though!

  6. Florence is pretty amazing, as is the rest of Northern Italy. We went to the lakes this year (Como, Garda and Maggiore) and it's soooo beautiful there. And the lakes are there for you to swim in (although less in the Maggiore lake). A friend of mine has been to Ireland and did the Wicklow Way Trail, which she loved. And you can end or start that one in Dublin!

    As for me, being Belgian and all, my dream is to visit all 50 US states. But that's highly unlikely, so I'll just settle for all the coastal ones!

  7. I've always yearned for a trip to Ireland, but my family is super Irish. My Dad has gone twice and loved it so much. One day I hope to visit with my husband.

  8. Croatia stole my heart! We've done a lot of Europe, but there is a charm like no other in Croatia. The people, the old towns, the mountain/hill towns, the food, the salty sea... It's a dream in a dream.

    1. Thank you Nadia:-) Nice to hear a foreign perspective for a Croatian native:-)

  9. Croatia is on our list also! I've been to Italy twice and each time it was amazing. If you can, try to do a cooking class in Bologna! Best meal I ever had was the one I made at that cooking class.