Thursday, August 10, 2017

5 Things I'm Loving

1. So my number one thing has got to be 5 month old Olive. She's just the best. So vocal, so expressive, and I feel like it is just going to get more fun. And busy. haha. Soon she'll be crawling, then walking...then running around with her two crazy older brothers. Today she was on my lap, facing out, just watching Henry and Charlie wrestle. All I could think was how she was taking it allllll in- like this is how we behave, this is how we do things around here. So once she's up and moving all I'm thinking is that she is going to be a wild woman. Not a bad thing, but it will just be interesting to see her personality develop alongside her big brothers.

2. My camera! I've gotten so many questions on the camera I've been using. Here it is- the Sony Alpha a6000! You guys I cannot even tell you how much I love this thing. It takes the best photos (I snapped the one above with it today), and it easily sends the pictures right to your phone. It's mirrorless, so it's super light and just a wonderful travel and everyday camera. This is the same one we brought to Switzerland too, and took all of our photos with it. It also takes beautiful video. The iPhone 7+ I have takes great pics and videos as well, but this is really next level and has replaces my heavier Canon. The Sony comes with a great lens attached, and I haven't had any need to get any other lenses. I highly recommend it.

3. Halloween/everything Fall is almost here and I am ecstatic. Summer is so great, but I am a true Fall person at heart. The other day I fell into a Pinterest hole of all things Halloween and I got so inspired. I'm excited for everything, but the biggest things on my list are: pumpkin picking- I think we will be in Utah this year (Park City) during Fall Break for awhile so if you're from the area any Fall recs would be so great. I feel like there are a ton of pumpkin patches there and since it will be early October, I hope the leaves will be turning also. We might be piggybacking that trip onto our Zion National Park trip we're taking earlier that week with our friends. Hank has never been to Zion and I'm really, really excited to have the whole family experience it together, alongside so many fun friends.

4. I think because I'm writing more blogs, I'm reading more blogs. Lately I've been enjoying reading random finds via Bloglovin', and I've found some good ones. Do you have any tried and true favorites? So many of my online friends have been posting about wanting to get back to blogging and I say yes, yes, yes! It's so nice to have a "mothership" of sorts where everything can live, and then use social media as a way to share bits of that, and connect with friends. I am such a fan of everyone blogging. Blogs for everyone! A blog for you! And you! And you! #oprahvoice

5. Eveything Madewell. (I like to shop from Shopbop because you can use Amazon Prime shipping!) Anyway, I'm not sure what it is but I cannot get enough of Madewell everything. Best jeans, best tees, best bags and shoes. I've always really loved the brand but lately they're just so on point. Do you shop there? We of course don't have one here in Prescott so I buy everything online and I feel like these are items I will keep for a long, long time. Quality made and not really too trendy. Also age appropriate, whatever that means! ;)

So those are my five! It's storming out right now, and if I don't hurry I'll miss my 10pm bedtime, so off I go. I was thinking of doing a "day in the life" post tomorrow or early next week, but either way I'll be back with my last post of the week tomorrow. See you soon.



  1. I also love the Sony a6000! It's been my go-to lately because the size is perfect. I can fit it in a smaller bag and it's so much more convenient. Plus sending photos to my phone is awesome. In fact... I may have bought it because you talked about it ages ago. Haha!!

  2. Oh my goodness she is absolutely darling!! <3

  3. I love Cup of Jo, Everyday Reading, and Merrick's Art for my daily blog visits. They're the only bloggers I know who still blog with any sort of regularity (daily).

  4. That seems like a fun camera especially since you can transfer photos directly to your phone. I don't always feel like dragging along my dSLR so nowadays I mostly use my Sony RX100 which I believe to be quite similar to the a6000.
    Since it's rainy today I cannot help but looking forward to fall and Halloween. I get so excited just thinking about pumpkin season!