Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An August Blogging Challenge Almost-Fail

You guys. I don't have a blog post to share today! Ah! But remember the August blogging challenge?! I can't miss a weekday! So here I am, getting this out before I head to sleep and I'm boldly NOT going to share a photo with this random post (it feels wrong not to, but whatever)--

1. I have felt oddly tired all day long. I had to force myself to get out of bed, force myself to the gym, and of course now it's almost 10pm and I'm still up. WHY! Does anyone else do this?! I need to get my bedtime in check. It's such a missing piece of my self-care that I really have to work on.

2. Today we moved Henry into a queen bed. I'll share more when I do a little room tour, but I have to say- I never had anything but a twin until I was about 20 years old so it does feel very premature to me! But each of the kids have their own bedroom and I have my office, so we needed a guest type room for my parents. So now with this bed in Henry's room, my parents or Lauren and Lucy can be in there, and the boys can have a sleepover in Charlie's room whenever we need it. Double duty.

3. I have a post coming up about this, but I've been counting my macros daily for over 60 days! That's shocking to me. Whenever I've tried to do anything food related I last about half a day and then I have thoughts like, "I can't live like this! I'd rather NOT eat this way and remain exactly how I am than deprive myself." Also- "life is too short for this!" And then I stop whatever "plan" I'm on. With macros though it's so easy for me and the results are fantastic. I can't wait to talk more about it...maybe next week?!

4. I posted a little Boomerang to IG tonight and asked about starting Game of Thrones! The response was YES YES YES! So I'm thinking we need to get on that train. I was worried it would be too much to catch up on, but maybe we waited long enough so now we can just plow through it. I'm excited to potentially have a new show to watch.

5. Olivia Wilde's IG post today. I'll just leave that there.

Okay, that took exactly five minutes to type out and I'm glad I did it. I have not failed you, August!


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  1. Yes to Game of Thrones but you have to pay attention,it can move fast and you might miss something that is important. Sometimes I have to close my ! Let us know what you think when you start watching.