Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Announcing Our Sweet Girl

Olive will be five months old tomorrow. That is so wild to me- time is flying by so much faster than with either of the boys. It's heartbreaking, but I also realize that it's just the way it goes. Life is busy, and the more kids you have the crazier it gets. More kids, more crazy...but way more love.

And now at five months I think it's about time I shared the birth announcements we sent out for our girl a couple months back. I wanted something simple and pretty, and when I found this floral set on the Tiny Prints site I was immediately sold. I've partnered up with Tiny Prints for many, many years, collaborating on everything from our Christmas cards to Charlie's birth announcements and have consistently had a great experience. I love that they're reasonably priced and always have beautiful new designs to choose from- we've always been incredibly happy with our orders.

I took this photo myself, after setting up a little newborn shoot in our bedroom. I used this blanket and this wrap, and I think it all turned out pretty great. And I actually shot this with my iPhone! The camera on that thing is so good. We also had a real session with my friend Lauren, but I felt like this simply picture really fit in with the card so perfectly that I ended up going with it. Thank to Tiny Prints for partnering up once again. And it's STILL so fun to look at this and think about how lucky we all feel to have completed our family with this sweet little darling.


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  1. She is darling! Congrats to your family!