Thursday, August 24, 2017

More Questions and Answers

The photo works better with the IG caption- "One of us is about to go to sleep, one of us is about to go meet
their girlfriends at a drag show. One of us is more excited than the other." ;)

I thought I would put together another Q&A of frequently asked questions on IG. See the previous ones here. I get a lot of direct messages asking similar things, and I think it's always nice to have the answers in one place where they can live forever, instead of disappear after 24 hours or getting lost in the shuffle. So! Here are some of the more recent repeat questions that have been coming up in comments or DMs.


1. Where are your overalls from (pictured above)?

These Free People overalls you guys! They are my new favorite and everyone needs them. I love them so much. See them here. I am very, very into wide leg, bell bottom, flare jeans right now and these are just perfect. I hope you get them and love them, too.

2. How do you count your macros and what are you doing for workouts?

I really, really need to do a whole post on this topic, but in summary- I've been doing it for 8 weeks and it's really the best thing that has ever happened to my diet. I am eating so much more, I feel so much better, and no foods are off limits. I love that. I use My Fitness Pal, along with the macro numbers given to me by my coach Amy. She also provides me with workouts, and I check in with her weekly, sending in my macros counts from each day, measurements, and progress photos. I can't say enough good things about working with Amy- she's a great friend and a great coach, and I literally follow EVERYTHING she says to the letter. And it really does work! I won't share my before/after pics until I feel like I'm further along to my goal, but we are already seeing such amazing results. Because I'm breastfeeding, we also watch my milk supply closely, and I haven't had any issues. That's another common question I get a lot. As far as workouts, right now I'm doing four days of lifting (very specific workouts that Amy gives me), 4 days of HIIT cardio (20 min sessions), and 3-4 days of abs.

3. What is your skin regime?

Another topic I need to make a whole post about, but I use face wash, lotion, and sunscreen from my aesthetician Hailey (website here)- she makes and sells her own line, and then I also use Josh Rosebrook products. I particularly love this exfoliator- it's the best. I keep it very simple both for skin care and makeup. The only makeup I use for everyday is this primer, this foundation, and this on my brows.

4. Can you recommend any good baby/kid-friendly hikes or lakes in Prescott?

Yes- check out Goldwater Lake, Lynx Lake, Aspen Trail, and good old Thumb Butte. The actual trail there may be too steep for little walkers, but the area is gorgeous. Enjoy!

5. What is your favorite Ergobaby carrier? Which one should I get?

Okay so this is ever-changing as new things come out, but my current favorite is the Omni 360. Have you seen it? You can use it from week one with NO infant insert, and you can also face baby out later on. So it's a combination of the Adapt and the 360- it really does it all. We have the Olive Green color and I am really loving it. I would recommend the Omni to any new parent with an infant, but if you have a bigger baby the Cool Air 360 is amazing also. And check out this limited edition Linen 360 as well. It's gorgeous.

That's it for today! Be back tomorrow with some Weekend Links.


  1. Can they have their arms out over the top of ergo when facing out as they get older or are they supposed to go under?