Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Dinnertime Struggle- How Do You Hero?

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I feel like everything in my life is on a scale. Very rarely does it all balance out, but when it does the angels sing, I swear. It kind of goes like this- very on top of this blog, very on top of working out, very good about getting out everyday after school...BUT then...not so good about having a home cooked dinner on the table every night, not so good about getting to bed on time because I stay up way too late trying to grab some "me time" once everyone is down. These are all interchangeable but it's VERY rare that all things are perfectly managed at once. Something's got to give, right? And lately it's been the dinnertime thing. By the time we do school pickup, I entertain Olive, get the boys snacking, start homework, it's often easier to just grab quick stuff and do a smorgasbord type meal. That's fine for some days, but chicken nuggets or frozen pizza plus some random veggies every night for the kids does not make me feel happy. 

Growing up I have some wonderful memories of the meals both my Mom and Grandma would cook. And it wasn't necessarily about the food (although sometimes it was- English muffin pizzas can't be beat), but it was about being together around the table. So I try to remind myself that when Mom guilt creeps in- at least we're sitting down to eat together pretty often! That's a HUGE deal to me, and something that I want to make sure we try our best to work towards as the kids get bigger and we all get busier.

But the key for us right now is EASY. I love to cook, but in this season of our lives we need quick and simple meals during the week. 

Say hi to Revolution Foods. Founded by two moms who began serving freshly prepared meals to students in school, they have now expanded to retail. I love what Revolution Foods stand for too- "We believe that everyone deserves access to high quality food made with carefully considered ingredients. We believe in food that tastes good, food that promotes growth and development. Feeding good is our promise to you. We stand for food you can feel good about. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. because our kids deserve nothing less." So good.

We've tried a few of their meals, including their lunch kits and breakfasts, and they're truly delicious. We decided to share this particular meal because the boys were the most excited about it, and we had a great time cooking dinner together. The box even opens up into a cookbook, which Henry loved. It's simple- you provide the protein, and use their kits to make a great meal. Add a side and you're set!

We're huge fans, and we know you'll be too. Check out Revolution Foods here and enter to win a year's supply of meals too. 

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