Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekend Links

Yeah, week number one of blogging is down! It's kind of a cheater week because there were only four days, but it feels good to look back and see those posts there. I'm already all planned out for next week and really looking forward to it. I have a ton of links to share this week, and I hope you enjoy clicking through and reading, window shopping, whatever! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday with a fun back-to-school post with the kiddos.

Some links --

Did you see that Ergobaby launched a new carrier? It's really great.

Why newborn babies smell so good.

10 tips for starting your week off on the right foot.

You can thank Instagram for this obsession.

Now THIS is pretty- I could actually imagine my friend Adie making something like this. And seriously, click on the link for Adie too- she creates some of the most beautiful jewelry.

All 17 Pixar movies, ranked from worst to best.

A slightly too-long note to a Stitch Fix stylist.

The world's first approved birth control app. Interesting!

8 of the best drugstore lipsticks to try.

Airplane seats...probably not the cleanest place to sit.

Wishlist: everything from this section for Fall, these cropped overalls, and this top. Also, I've heard great things about this bra and want to try it!

A few more things I'm loving: one, two, and three. And these jeans...I have been gravitating towards such flared and wide leg shapes lately- I love them!

Imagine replying "call me" to every email you receive for a week. This guy did.

Loving all of these fun desktop backgrounds.

THE most Instagrammed vacation spots.

I need a drawerful of these for this Fall.

Build a cocktail in your LaCroix. Also, I really dislike LaCroix! However I know most people love it so I figured I would share anyway. ;)

Are you a freelancer too? Read this.

We decided against having Henry playing tackle football this year after reading many articles like this, both about the NFL and youth tackle ball.

And finally, check out affirmations for your astrological sign! I'm a Gemini.