Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekend Links

Hello and happy Friday! Here are some links to start you weekend off with some fun things to read and click.


Isn't that photo up there beautiful? It's from the Whipstone Farm IG feed.

I LOVE this post- it's bringing me so much happiness!

How zoos and aquariums handle hurricanes.

#1 on my current wishlist: these boots! They're so cute.

A metaphor for Summer 2017.

What were you wearing?

Loving: this top, this dress, and any of these cute pieces!

"Does it spark joy?" is the wrong decluttering question.

Do you transition your makeup with the seasons?

96 things to do when you're bored.

Hollywood's private school mama dress codes. Interesting.

How to plan your week like a go-getter.

And what to plan it in. These are a must for this new year and I've already got mine!

An obsessive guide to music played at Gap in the 90s.

And finally, bucket list travel experiences. I want to do all of these!


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