Wednesday, October 4, 2017

More Learning with LeapFrog

It's been a couple of weeks since my first LeapFrog post and I wanted to share some updates about the program. I've gotten a ton of questions about LeapFrog Academy, and many repeat ones, so I wanted to touch on them here.

First of all, we are loving it. I know I've spoken about it a lot recently, but I've been so hesitant to do screen time with the boys. Hank and I have been talking so much about it though, and we believe that part of our job as parents is to teach our kids balance in all things, and responsible phone/computer/iPad usage is one of them. LeapFrog Academy has been the first time we've really allowed the boys regular, daily time on a device and our experience has been great.

Because they're building on skills they are already working on in class, it makes total sense as a learning tool. After Henry finishes his daily homework and chores, he's been hopping on my computer for twenty minutes or so, and he gets to work on the different puzzles and learning games LeapFrog Academy provides. Charlie does the same, but also usually sits next to Henry while Henry plays, like a little brother would. ;) I typically sit and play with them as well, and it's neat to see the progress each time they log on. The program includes games, puzzles, books, you name it- and I think it's probably impossible to get bored of it- there are SO many different ways to use it. And one of the coolest things is that there are so many school connections to it and "Mommy, we're doing this in class THIS week!" Very cool.

For those curious, the age range is for kids ages 3-6. It covers all the core subjects and is suitable for preschool through first grade.

Sponsored post or not, I would be telling all the people in our world about LeapFrog Academy. It's been such a great tool for us to supplement what we're already doing, and I highly recommend you give it a try with your little ones. Easy to use, no in-app purchases, smart and tailored to meet your child where they're at, you really can't go wrong.

Sign up here for a free month, and let me know what you think!

Happy learning!

This post was shared in partnership with LeapFrog.

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