Thursday, October 5, 2017

Our End of Summer Trip to Palm Springs

We celebrated the last weekend of summer in the best way- a weekend in Palm Springs with two of my best friends' families. Have you ever been to Palm Springs? It's a close drive for us- just about 4.5 hours, and it goes by super fast. I love that it's close enough that it's easy to get to, but also feels like a whole world away.

This time I partnered up with Vacation Palm Springs from the Wyndham Vacation Rentals family of brands, and they provided our accommodations for the long weekend. Between all three of our families there are 13 of us, so we needed a large place big enough for all of to have our own spaces with our families and kids ranging in ages 6 months to 7. One of the biggest pluses of doing a vacation rental over hotels, and why we always choose that option when we can is that you can all be together so much more. The kids have room to run and play, we can cook all of our meals at home, which is both fun and cost-effective, and everyone has so many more opportunities to hang out and bond. It's really the best and the only option for large groups like this!

Palm Springs Perfection (the very fitting name of the home) was absolutely gorgeous and so HUGE! There were rooms for everyone, so much space for the kiddos to run and play, and the biggest outdoor pool area. It was really a dream. Super clean, organized, and little touches that made it extra special from pool floats to kid-friendly board games. We were on Cloud Nine- we've all been best friends since college in 2000 (so long ago!) and all lived together for many years both during school and after, so it's always a treat to stay together and be able to really soak it up. We did a ton of hanging at the house- that's the majority of what we did actually- but we also checked out The Living Desert and the guys golfed Saturday morning. We hit up Pedal Spin twice- I highly recommend their classes- and we also ran out to the grocery store a couple times but other than that the house was so wonderful we didn't want to leave! We spent all day swimming, snacking, laying in the sun, and then as the evening wound down the kids would tire themselves out, we'd cook a big family-style dinner, put the kids to bed, and the adults would stay up drinking wine and hanging out. The perfect multi-family vacation.

Below are a ton of photos from our trip- let me know if you have any questions, but be sure to check out Wyndham Vacation Rentals and Vacation Palm Springs to see the rest of the homes they have available and see this one too. I can't recommend them enough!


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