Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Links

Happy Monday! It's a long weekend so I feel like it's still appropriate to call this Weekend Links, right? We are just driving home from Zion and I'm loving the new car especially now- it's a wifi hotspot and on long drives like this it's amazing! So convenient. I wanted to share some fave links from the past week- I hope you enjoy them.

First of all and most importantly, click here to find out some ways you can help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. This was a link shared on a few LV friends' pages, but if you have any other relevant links please let me know so I can update. Thank you!


I love finding new stores online to love- "window-shopping" or otherwise. I'm currently loving a handful of spots, and a new shop for me is Blue & Cream. Have you heard of them? I talked about them in an earlier post, and there are so many things there on my radar. These Nikes (aren't they amazing?!),  this Levi's jacket, and I love all the Rails items- that brand is the best quality. And these Nikes are calling my name too. They also have deep sales on really great brands and designers. I have these Rag & Bone jeans but wish I would have gotten them at this price. Be sure to check out the rest of their denim too as you shop around. Lots of splurge-worthy items but also a lot of other things a different price points too.

I got a bunch of questions on my Palm Springs post so I wanted to link some of my items here: Splendid bathing suit, Ace of Something hat, and most of the pool floaties including Olive's baby flamingo float.

Check this out: the beginner's guide to self-awareness.

And some reads for this month: one, two, and three.

I love these photos.

To cook: this toast and this chicken. Yum! ps. do you have an instant pot? I'm considering trying it out.

It's beanie weather! I always find a ton of good one from Hat Attack's huge assortment.

How to use your phone with intention.

Some Target finds: this sweater, this dress, and this top. All so cute.

Do cultural differences change what depression feels like?

Love, love this IG feed.

A great guide to downtown Phoenix.

Can you tell I'm in a ruffle sweater mood? I love them.

Are you eating Instagram for breakfast?

Loving for Fall: this sweater, and these jeans. This top too.

Face masks and more.

Would you ever try magnetic eyelashes? So interesting!

And finally, read this.


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