Monday, November 20, 2017

7 years/8 months

Today I got the boys from school while Hank was home with Olive. As we drove away from pickup, I got a quick and sudden feeling of panic as I looked in the mirror and saw Olive wasn't in her car seat. I know you mamas know what I'm talking about- in about half a second you go from feeling as if you've forgotten something, to realizing it's all okay. I'm so used to being with Olive every moment of every day, dropping off and picking up the boys with her that it was a total shock to my brain that she wasn't there. And isn't that funny? I've gone 35 years without her, 7 years as a mama before her, and yet 8 months with her here and it's weird to think she hasn't always been with us. She's our little puzzle piece, the tiny burst of sunshine that brings immense joy to each of us. Henry is turning 7 in two days and his much older self is in sharp contrast to this much smaller baby, and sends me into lots of thoughts about time and life whenever I pause too long. But goodness, 8 months. I feel so lucky to be right here, right now, and this third time around I'm deeply grateful to be so much more aware. I know now how to hold onto all of the precious, little moments and seasons (and then graciously let them go) because I know far too well how quickly they'll slip on by no matter how badly I wish they'd stay.

Photo by Lauren Ristow.


  1. I can't believe you've been a momma for 7 years! I remember reading your blog when it was just you and your hubby. It's crazy how time flies!

  2. What a cute blog and cute family.. i love your blog now and all of your babies.. they are really really cute..
    greet from indonesia..<3