Friday, November 3, 2017

The Best Clothes (for the best kids)

You guys! Look at these boys. Isn't it crazy how grown up they are?! I don't feature them too much here these days because they're getting big and way too busy to even be interested in snapping photos, but they did let me take a few pics of their handsome selves yesterday for this post. Did you guys see the Back to School post we did this summer in partnership with Gymboree? This post is part two, and today I'm sharing some of their super cute Winter items. It's so funny but every season I think- this is my all-time favorite. Now that the cold weather months are upon us I am so happy. I love all of the family time, the traditions, the holiday excitement. It's seriously the best time to be a kid- and an adult! As the kids get older traditions are even more important to us, and one things we always do each season is make a special list to check off as we do everything on it. This year we have a ton of things on ours, and I think I may share a whole post on this later, but here are a handful-

-making ornaments- there are so many ideas online- loving this one and this one
-going to see a Christmas play or musical performance
-Christmas light drive
-shopping and donating gifts to the Tree at the mall
-driving up North for sledding (if our snow isn't deep enough!)
-hot chocolate and movie night
-ALL the Christmas movies (a list all its own)

And so much more.

Both of the outfits the boys picked have total Christmas vibes right? I'm loving Charlie's red button up and Henry's layers. I mentioned it in my first Gymboree post but I had never shopped there before then, and I was really blown away with the selection and the quality. There a major go-to for us now when shopping for clothing and I hope you check them out too!

I'll be back soon to share more of our holiday "to do" list. In the meantime, happy almost Thanksgiving!

ps. outfit details:
Henry's shirt
Henry's thermal
Henry's pants
Henry's shoes
Charlie's shirt
Charlie's pants
Charlie's shoes
Olive's sweater


Post shared in partnership with Gymboree.

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  1. They do look SO big in these pictures (and so handsome as well)