Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our 2017 Christmas Cards

Christmas card photos were taken nice and early by my friend Lauren Ristow and I got them mailed out just in time for them to arrive December 1st. Last year I sent them almost too late and I said- never again! So here I am, on top of my holiday card game.

This year we went with Snapfish, who provided a suite of 20 cards and envelopes for us. It was my first time using them, and I had a great experience. They sent over that first amount for this sponsored post, but I loved them so much I purchased 100+ more on my own. I chose one of their foil-stamped cards (you can see how pretty and shimmery the gold is below), and I love how simple and sweet it turned out. It leaves a lot of room for making it your own, from writing a message on the back, or including a silly photo like we did. The free return address printing make things super easy too and the premium cardstock they use is well...premium! ;) Good stuff all around.

Do you send out Christmas cards? I love both sending and receiving them so much. If you haven't yet ordered yours, they have a huge promotion going on right now, so check 'em out! Happy holidays from our family to yours.



  1. So fun! I don't send Christmas cards (except to one really good friend). The only card I get is from my accountant and it's not even personalized.

  2. I think we'll start sending out Christmas cards once we have kids. Hopefully, thats very soon!