Thursday, December 14, 2017

Top 5 Gifts this Year

I wanted to share this year's favorite things that we got for our family this holiday season. We typically buy for my parents, Hank's parents, and Lucy. Lauren and I don't exchange and just focus on the kids, and for extended family we do baked goods and cards. We keep it simple, which I love. But each year we try to find something new to get our parents, and it can be hard! We're working with people who don't care too much about "stuff" so we have to get creative.

Here are our top 5 gift picks for this year --

1. Framebridge Instagram Minis (shown above, along with my friend Brooke's sweet gift tag- see her shop here)

I LOVE these cute Instagram Minis! We have them throughout our home and they're such a nice gift to give. Plus, they're super easy to create online (takes minutes) and the quality is fantastic. Framebridge sent us this one to share with you guys, and I hope if you're in need of a last minute gift you take advantage of their holiday shipping. Order by 12/17 and photo gifts will arrive in time! The frame above is Richmond, an antique gold that goes with everything. This post isn't sponsored by Framebridge, but they did gift this frame to us and I loved it so much I wanted to share.

2. Instant Pot

Is it me, or is this thing EVERYWHERE right now? I made the mistake of searching Instant Pot recipes on Pinterest and now I can't escape it! Do you have one? I've added it to my cart on Black Friday for a couple years in a row, but still haven't pulled the trigger. I am nervous to give something I haven't tried myself, but the reviews seem amazing. However this year two people on our list wanted to try one so we went for it. If you have an Instant Pot, let me know your thoughts- I'm so curious.

3. Experiences.

This one should really be first on the list because above all, this is how we do gifts. The boys are getting to go to Monster Jam in February as their "big gift," which I love. I do NOT love Monster Jam itself but I love that we're doing something together! Even if it does involve huge trucks. As far as gifts for everyone else, this year we took all of the grandparents, Lauren, Lucy and our little family to the Polar Express. It was the perfect way to get into the season. I actually need to share photos of the trip soon- maybe tomorrow. The boys have three sets of grandparents so it was a big group with all of us, but so much fun. Have you ever been? Our family's ranch is up north that way so we spent the night and made a weekend out of it. It was such a great time.

4. Sonos One

We are LATE to the Alexa train. Both Hank and I were very hesitant to let these into our home (we're the weirdos with tape over our the cameras on our laptops!), but I'm glad we finally gave in. They're so handy, and the Sonos version sounds amazing. We play music all day anyway, and this just elevates our experience with fantastic audio. It works with our lights, ceiling fan in the living room, etc. and it's super handy to use for making appointments, asking questions, whatever you can think of! We love Alexa! I have a Sonos One in my office, our kitchen, and Henry has a Dot in his bedroom. The Sonos is what we got for one particular family who I won't name here because I know he/she reads this...but they're going to be so excited!

5. Books and more books.

Of course. For the boys we usually do one or two toys, some fun stocking stuffers, and LOTS of books! Henry has a Kindle now too (he's loving this one) so we got him an Amazon giftcard too. I have a post with his current favorite books coming next week, so stay tuned. But books as gifts are wonderful. I love gifting cookbooks, motivational books, and favorite novels from the past year. This year, I purchased these for family presents: one, two and three.

Enjoy, and happy almost-Christmas!


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