Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Links

See what's in the boys' Sleepy Spray HERE. It's also such a nice linen spray in general.

First, did you guys see that after four years I recently made the jump over to the business side for oils? I talked a bit about it on IG but I am SO excited about it. I was a little nervous to share, but once I got over that it's been just so much fun. I would really love for you to join me in our community (so much info and amazing, inspiring resources), and you can read more HERE if you want to sign up. You can also follow along on my separate IG HERE for tons of ways I use our Young Living products on the daily. We are switching our home over to be as non-toxic as possible, and many of the things we use I order monthly from YL. I'd be so excited to get you on board too so shoot me an email, DM, comment, whatever and I'd be happy to chat about it with you.

And now, some more links --

Did you pop over here from my IG post? The rings in the photo are from this shop.

Some more simple jewelry I love: all of these necklaces and these bracelets.

How lovely are these pregnancy affirmation cards? These would make a perfect gift. Found via my trainer Amy.

The downside of the work-life balance.

Have you tried mushroom-hot chocolate?

Free People has SO many amazing Spring shoes.

I'm drawn to this faux leather mini-dress.

How to break up with your phone.

Love: one, two, and three.

A fool-proof Italian dinner party plan.

I love Adam Rippon so much!

Why your weekly grocery bill is so high and how to change it.

What if everyone's student debt was forgiven?

13 things you should eat everyday for perfect skin.

Wishlist: any of these simple pieces, a new pair of short rainboots, and this jumpsuit.

And let's say I had $1,400 to spend on a pair of shoes, these would be them! Love.

8 people recall the best parties of their lives.

I love Tim Ferriss and I love reading about successful people's morning routines, so this article was super interesting.

And here are some more morning routines.

On what depression feels like.

Have you tried AGolde jeans yet? Moderately priced and great quality. I have my eye on a new pair of their high rise shorts which I think will be a major MUST-HAVE this summer.

And have you checked out this shoe brand? Under $100, on trend, and super cute.

Reading about things we hate.

And finally, one Grandmother's rule on love- a good read.


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