Sunday, June 24, 2018

5 Weekend Faves

Hello friends! I am on an airplane right now, heading to New Jersey. It's part sad, part happy- which is weird, but we're making the best of it and my Mom, sister and I are looking forward to a special trip, just the three of us. I'm kid-free this week, which means I'll be sharing a ton on both of my IG accounts. Follow along here and here! And you can check out last summer's NJ trip here too.

And speaking of no kids, I've been sitting on this plane for 4 hours in total bliss just enjoying the plane ride. I'm home with the kids every single day squeezing in work when I can, so having such a huge chunk of time to work and read and do as I please is a treat! I'll probably start missing them in about a day ;) so for now I'll just soak this right up.

We have about left to go before we land, so without further delay, here are five weekend favorites!

1. New (to me!) podcast alert! Can't wait to dive into this.

2. Jumpsuit love: one, two, and three. Also every single one of these. All I want to wear are easy, breezy pieces and jumpsuits fit the bill. So comfy and cute too.

3. Savvy Minerals Lipgloss in Embrace. This is my holy grail of lip gloss and I'm so happy it's Young Living which means it's non toxic, not tested on animals, and I can get it in my monthly order. You will love this gloss- not sticky, so moisturizing, and infused with peppermint oil that makes your lips feel amazing. I'm obsessed. You can sign up for a Starter Kit with me here (wholesale pricing) and then add on the gloss!

4. Have you seen these cute SunnyLife speakers?! The other day we went on a walk and had it in the back of our Cruiser. It was the perfect summer evening stroll, complete with our favorite tunes.

5. I recently finished this book and LOVED it. Did you catch my review on IG? I added it to my Highlights so head over and hear more about it- or just trust me and order it! It's a beautifully written, engaging book about what happens after you die. I won't say more but I think anyone would enjoy it. If you read it, let me know what you think!


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