Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Utah 2018

Sometimes life takes you to the most unexpected places, but in the best possible way. I don't know if I ever would have guessed I would be attending an essential oils convention...but there I was! I flew into Utah with Sarah never having met any of the girls we were about to share a house with. My sorority and band wife days has prepared me well for situations like this, and (thank goodness) it was as amazing as expected. Meeting these women I had built online relationships with since February- and some for over a DECADE like my dear Casey and Jessica, was nothing short of awesome. Long story short, being around some of the most inspiring women ever filled up my cup and I left feeling not only so pumped for all to come with this business, but my heart so full with love and friendship!

If you didn't catch my previous posts, I signed up with my friend Casey years ago and fell in love with the oils and products, but it wasn't until February 2018 that I decided to do the business side of it. I often feel pretty "over" the online space, "influencer" stuff, etc. etc. but the oils brought me back to life and reminded me that online is a wonderful place- it's all what we make it. The community I've found through all of this has been one of the best surprises of all, and everyday I wake up so excited I get to do this as a second career.

Below are a random bunch of photos from the week- the Convention, lots of hanging out with our girlfriends, Diamond Gala to watch Jess walk the stage, and everything in between. So much fun. And as always, read more here and come join me!

My striped shorts (on sale! I'm wearing a size 4)
Flare jeans


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