Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Proper Catch Up

Hey friends! Did you see my blog-related question on Instagram a couple weeks ago? I asked what everyone would love to see on this blog, because I'm feeling inspired to jump back into it. I got hundreds of replies and it was so incredibly interesting to see what you all thought. The main theme was- essays and thoughts on everything, everyday things from photos to what I'm eating, essential oils, and recommendations- books, shows, you name. Also quite a few requests for business pointers and time management. So basically everything! I felt a little overwhelmed at first- where do I start? That's a LOT to cover as I get caught up. But I think the best place is probably with an update.

After my father passed away I used this space a lot. Writing felt so good. I wrote a lot of things here I also didn't publish as I was pretty much writing here or in my journal everyday. But then as I began to move through a lot of those emotions I didn't want to write about it anymore. I didn't want to wake up and feel sad. And now a few months later the sad parts come when I don't expect them, but I'm able to feel them, move through them, and don't have the urge to sit down and process through words. Grief is a funny thing- I didn't really know what it was before. Sure, we've lost close friends but a parent? No. And the feelings come at the strangest time- a memory, a hint of a smell in the air, bits of a song from an adjacent car.

It's almost September which means it's almost time for so many of my favorite things- Fall itself, soccer season, cool weather, all of the holidays and fun festive events, windows open, hikes in the changing leaves- I feel so inspired and energized during this time. And this summer was awesome. Low key with some trips here and there (I'll share some photos from NJ and CA soon) but more than anything I just wanted to be on the back deck hanging with the fam. A couple girls' trips were also so good for my soul and I'm thankful I got to spend that time with some of my sweet friends.

[gingham top from second photo & my top - jeans - boots from photo above]

The kids are so big- Henry is almost 8, Charlie is 5, and Olive is almost 18 months old. Last month there was a week where I was thinking so much about our family. I had previously said that we are DONE having babies, but as I was packing up Olive's baby items to donate or pass down, it was emotional. Am I ready to not have another baby? Am I okay to close this chapter? After a week of revisiting the solid no I thought I felt, I moved through maybe to yes, to maybe again, to no. It helps that Hank is completely done, but I knew I could convince him if I really felt a certain way. But no, we are good. And it's okay to be complete. My longing to snuggle babies and feel little kicks inside my belly may never go away, but it is time to leave this behind and move forward. I feel immeasurable lucky to have three healthy little ones and we are going to be just fine without a fourth. Maybe even better- I will certainly be a little more sane!

In other news, work is trucking along with my client load including Ergobaby, Veer and Raskin's. The oils side is growing quickly and I'm so excited- more on this later. And I have a very fun project I'm going to launch any day now, as soon as I do one last thing. It's really for anyone who enjoys reading this blog- I believe you'll love this too!

And what else? We are settling more into our home. We've been here for four months which seems so short but also feels so comfortably long. It feels like home, probably because it was Hank's home! We're just getting to so many projects- changing a few things up, beginning to decorate and make it "ours," and enjoying all of the outdoor spaces, especially as it begins to get cooler at night. One of my girlfriends is helping us with the design process, and the first thing just arrived yesterday (our dining room light!) and I'll share some photos after its installed tomorrow.

I'm so happy to be here and to share this update- I am looking forward to more to come.


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  1. I am new here, so I just went back and read some of your past posts. First, I am so very sorry for the loss of your dad. Second, I, too, am done having babies after 3 girls. My health forced us to make the decision. I am 4 years out and the ache is still there. I suppose we learn to live with it. It has gotten easier as the years go by. Especially on days when my girls are acting bananas. haha!