Thursday, October 25, 2018

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Are you guys loving October? This month is bananas for us, but in a good way. In the middle of all of it, I wanted to share 5 things I'm loving right now, with all of you! Enjoy. xo

1. ALLLL the Fall coats and jackets. There are so many amazing things out right now, and I just picked up this one (in green) and this adorable coat. I love all of these puffers...and these: one, two, three. I am typically a classic  black North Face jacket for everyday but I am really loving all the different styles Free People has out right now. So fun!

2. Crazy Rich Asians! Oh my gosh- I will give a full review when I finish but it's one of the best books I've read in awhile. It's part beach read, but also not. The writing is great and I'm loving the story. It's really easy to get sucked right in, and although I'm trying to savor it and read it slowly, all I want to do is stay up late at night and finish the whole thing! I'm happy to know that this is part one of a trilogy, and the second and third books also have great reviews on Amazon. Have you read it? I'm excited to watch the movie as soon as I finish the book.

3. New denim styles. I still really love my 10 inch Madewell button fly skinnies but they're not always the most comfortable for just hanging out. Lately I've been very into straight leg, high waisted, more rigid jeans. Have you tried any like this? Some of my favorites are from this brand, and for another splurge MOTHER is amazing too. Here is one to try at lower price point too!

4. Planning a trip to our next National Park. I wish I would have gotten on the ball a little sooner, because I would have loved to take our family to Yosemite this Fall. But there's always the Spring! I loved my time there with my friend Alana and I think of it often. We went a couple years ago, in October to hike, camp and climb Half Dome, and it was really amazing. Have you ever been? There is so many National Parks we haven't visited, and I would love to start working our way through them! Here's my Pinterest board on it- so much inspiration there!

5. All the soup! Hank and I decided this winter will be the winter of soup, and I'm going to be trying all sorts of new recipes like this and this- and of course making some of our tried and true favorites too! Do you have a favorite soup recipe? I just ordered this cookbook and hoping I can find some  new things to try. I am so excited for cold weather and that cozy feeling of hot soup on the stove, big blankets on the couch....sounds so good!

Happy almost-weekend!


  1. Yes! Soup! I've been making all kinds of soup recently. It's perfect for this unexpected freezing weather in the Northeast. I didn't really think much about soup before this year... but I'm glad it popped into my head!

  2. Which national parks have you already visited?

  3. where is the coat you are wearing in the photo from??