Wednesday, November 28, 2018

5 Questions from Instagram

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday. I'm spending this morning working for a few hours and figured I would get a blog post up while I'm at it. How are you? I am great- Veronica and I had a Mothers in Bloom event last night, and it went so well! We did a Sip and Shop at a local boutique with 20% of the evening's sales going to Teens' Closet, a local organization that provides clothing and personal necessities to teens in need. They are doing amazing things and it was great to partner up with them. We'll find out later today what we raised and I'm looking forward to finding out. Other than that things have been busy but so good. I have so much to share but I thought I'd quickly answer a few questions I've gotten frequently on Instagram lately! I'll be back soon with a better update. Here we go--

1. Where is your dress from you wore to that Gala the other weekend? See it here.

I loved that dress you guys! It's so sparkly and pretty in person and Olive loved it! It was so cute, she sat with me while I got ready and kept saying- "pretty mama." Melted my heart! But yes- here is the dress. I highly recommend it if you have a fancier event coming up. It was comfortable and wore very well! Another favorite place for formal dresses is here- sort by price and start low! There are some amazing finds.

2. What are you getting the boys and Olive for Christmas? 

We typically get the kids each one big gift, and a few smaller things, as well as a shared experience or trip if we can make it work. Then they each get stockings that are filled with fun little things, snacks, a couple pieces of candy, etc. We don't go overboard with Christmas, and I try to give really useful things they'll be able to use everyday and love. This year Olive is getting a dollhouse, a set of these Women in Science books, and a playhouse for outside. Henry is getting a new bike, both he and Charlie are getting one of these to get excited for the new pool this summer and a TON of books. As for Charlie, we still are unsure about this "big" gift! He really wants a Power Wheels Jeep but I can't decide if he's too big! Any suggestions for a 5 year old?

3. Where did you get this sweater?

I wear this sweater constantly- I LOVE it. It's so comfy, so well-made and worth every penny! You can see it here. Here are a couple other sweaters (one and two) I am loving this Fall/Winter. I wear the same three all the time.

4. Do I have to sell oils if I get a Starter Kit from you? 

I get this question constantly and the answer is a big NO! :) You never have to. You can simply enjoy the products and oils like I have for years! No pressure ever. I'm just here to help you make your house smell like Anthropologie and help everyone feel their best! You can read more here, and sign up too. I'd love to have you!

5. What are you currently reading?

SO many books right now! I'm only going to share one because I have a whole post coming up including everything, but I am really enjoying this series. I'm on book two and it's just a really fun, entertaining read. Definitely check it out!


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  1. there's a similar version of your cardigan at gap as well if someone wants something similar but can't pay anthro prices