Tuesday, December 18, 2018

An Update from the Air

Posting this now- even though I was on the flight a few days ago. I'll share outfit details and links below too!

Hey guys! I'm currently on a flight to Phoenix from Dallas and thought I would take a moment to do an update. If you caught me on IG Stories last night I talked about sharing more in this space. I'm just about to make some big changes in my professional life and I'm really excited to share more here- and this site and my personal IG is part of it. I'll share more when I can. But in the meantime, here's an update about LIFE in general!

I just spent a few days in Dallas, Texas with some of my favorite people- dear, old friends and also new friends who immediately felt like old ones. I loved it. Being around women (and some men) who inspire you to do more, work harder and be better...that is the most exciting, amazing thing. Feeling so grateful for the time I spent with them and also super excited to get home and implement all of this energy and inspiration.

Be sure to check out everyone's Instagram accounts- I know you'll love them all just as much as I do!

Jess Garvin
Edie Wadsworth
Audrey Roloff
Casey Wiegand
Liz Joy
Jami Nato

As far as what is new with us- SO much. We've been in the new house for a little over half a year now, which feels equal parts crazy and also just really normal. I love living here. We are now on 8 acres total and it brings me so much happiness to see the boys outside running wild and knowing that Hank ran in these same places as a kid. Full circle, every single day.

The kids are good- can you believe Olive will be two in March? Hank and I were just talking about how crazy it is to be in this season of life- three kids, and DONE with having anymore. I thought I would be a little more sad about it, but it feels okay. I might always see a tiny baby and a piece of my heart will yearn for my own babies now grown, but it's okay to move into this next season, and I'm really excited about all to come.

The boys are SO big you guys. 8 and 5! Henry's basketball season is about to start and Charlie (and H) are still loving Jiu Jitsu. They do it 3x a week and it's been such a wonderful part of our life. We are excited for Olive to start one day too- but for now she is loving gymnastics! She goes 1x a week and it's perfect for her. It's going to be fun to see what they gravitate towards as they grow.

For Hank and me, we are busy as can be with our businesses. I'll share more about what I mentioned up top soon- but there are some changes happening which are really exciting. REALLY weird and almost shocking to be in this place (!!), and I promise I'll share more asap. But just feeling so fulfilled and very inspired to have the best 2019 ever.

Before I go I wanted to share some photos from Dallas- I didn't have time to take too many but I'm so happy we did take some!

Some outfit details:

First you HAVE to check out the Amazon Shopbop shop- so many amazing things with Prime shipping. Go through all the sections- there is still time to grab things for Christmas too.

And onto me- here are my jeans, my sweater, floral top, and the wand I use to add waves to my hair!


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