Friday, December 21, 2018

Holiday Weekly Links

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Are you guys loving December? It's always one of my favorite seasons and this year, although it feels slightly busier and more hectic than last, is so beautiful. There's sadness of course- and I'll write more about that later- but more than anything the magic of the kids' ages: 21 months, 5 and 8 is very, very special and really amazing.

I wanted to share some of my December favorites and links with all of you- enjoy.

How amazing does this 3 ingredient fudge look? Will be making this asap.

Here's a round up of the prettiest calendars for 2019.

And two of my fave brands for agendas/calendars: one and two!

Allllll the cheesy (wonderful!) holiday Netflix movies, in one place!

How American Girl Dolls would decorate if they lived in studio apartments.

Wishlist: a Venessa Arizaga rhinestone bracelet, a new travel bag, and these mules!

Ironic to share in a list filled with links of things to buy- but here's an article on a "no gift Christmas."

8 Messages From The World's #1 Chef Massimo Bottura.

I LOVE this Christmas ad.

99 good news stories you probably didn't hear about in 2018.

Have you ever tried one of these backpacks? I was thinking of getting one for Henry but was curious about the quality!

I had my first date at 28.

Have you seen this? Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap.

These sweaters are always my favorite. Oversized and so comfy.

"I turned out fine."

The coziest Christmas set up and menu ideas! Love.

On my radar: a new pair of these (literally ANY of them), the Secrets canister (so fun!), and this green jumpsuit (looks comfy and cute!).

Obsessed with these jeans! These are amazing too.

Target finds: this coat, this jumpsuit, and another coat!

8 inspiring stories for the season.

All about the conversation journal with kids.

My current favorite place to shop. So easy and FAST shipping!

Interesting: the future of football has flags. Lots to say about this- Henry plays and loves flag football. He would love to play tackle, but for now we're sticking to flag.

Do you do the Elf on the Shelf?

This is the perfect time to come join me in the oils/wellness world! I'd love to have you- read more here.

And finally, is listening to a book the same as reading it?

Merry Christmas!


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