Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January 2019 Playlist - Diffuse and Groove V.2

Happy 2019 friends! I wanted to share a fun playlist today to kick off a new month, new year, all the new! This is a fun feature I love to share on my wellness Instagram and even if you're not on that train with me you can enjoy the music. If that's you, just ignore the diffuser blend part and listen, but if you're curious about it at all you can read more here. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and have the best day! Happy 2019! I'll be back soon sharing some thoughts and plans.

Today's diffuser blend to accompany this slow weekend vibes playlist --

3 drops each: Frankincense, Stress Away, Orange, and Valor. So good and majorly emotionally supportive too. All the happy vibes.

And in your speakers, play the Spotify playlist embedded below...and enjoy.


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