Friday, January 25, 2019

Weekly Links

Happy Friday! I am spending this morning working which is so nice. Once or twice a week I get a few hours blocked off with the help of our amazing babysitter, and it's a great time for me to bust out everything that needs to get done. Otherwise I am a complete naptime, bedtime warrior- only working once Olive is napping or later after the kids sleep! So I really cherish these days for accomplishing a LOT in a short period of time. So I thought I would pop in today and share some weekly links and wish you all a happy weekend. This weekend I'm going to attempt to document some of our everyday with my "real" camera in the hopes of starting a new series on Monday. Saying it out loud means it will happen right? haha. Anyway, enjoy!

Do you listen to true crime podcasts? Thinking of starting this one next.

Check out the best breakfast in every state here.

Fascinating: honeymoon planning for billionaires.

Check out this brand- so many cute pieces at a great price.

A ghost town of castles.

This pin. And follow me over on Pinterest, too. I've been pinning everyday!

Look at the new American Girl doll! Makes me laugh to think of the ones we used to love and then at this one.

Wishlist: this travel jewelry box,  ANY of these cute dresses, one of these vests, and this top!

How to create a life that loves you back.

Have you ever slept with a weighted blanket?

The best places to travel to in 2019.

Allllll the best hair accessories for every occasion.

The Fyre Festival- so interesting. I'm sure you've heard about this, but two new documentaries are releasing also.

Do you use an iPad? I never have, which is kind of weird, but I did win one from Young Living, and I need to just give it a whirl. I loved this post- thinking of grabbing the keyboard and pen too. I liked what she said about answering her DMs via iPad.

Interesting: how to become a successful influencer.

On embracing your inner "wintrovert."

Almost all of my favorite shoes are Madewell. Have you tried their shoes yet? Their mules/loafers are the best.

I LOVE Marie Kondo and can't wait to dive in!

The amazing psychology of Japanese train stations.

I did a Q&A the other day on IG and one repeated question was- where do I like to shop? Shopbop is my favorite - followed by Madewell (although you can get all of their things on Shopbop!), Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Zara, and sometimes Free People. But again, all of their stuff is on Shopbop too. ;)

A great list.

52 things I learned in 2018.

And finally, 2018- told through photographs.

Enjoy, and happy weekend!


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